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BEST OF 2016 Interview with Farhad Mahdavi

Your Name:
Farhad Mahdavi

Your location(country,city)
Germany, Hanover

Dimitri: Can you mention your 3 biggest achievements in your music career in 2016?
Farhad: My best achievement of 2016 was having a collaboration with one of the best artists in Music history called Paul Van Dyk

Second one was joining a good artist agency ToThePoint Management.

And the last big achievement was having successful releases with Matt Bukovski and Ronski Speed in labels like Flashover

Dimitri: Overall 2016 was a positive, neutral or maybe negative year for you and why?
Farhad: It was Neutral for me, In 2017 I must be more active

1) Best Track:
Farhad: Orjan Nilsen - Iconic

2) Best Artist (Dj & producer):
Farhad: Allen Watts

3) Best Remix:
Farhad: Ben Gold - All Or Nothing (Allen Watts Remix) (feat. Christina Novelli)

4) Best Remixer:
Farhad: Allen Watts

5) Best New Talent (Dj or producer):
Farhad: Kiran M Sajeev

6) Best Electronic Music Album:
Farhad: Armin Van Buuren - Embrace

7) Best Electronic Music Compilation:
Farhad: Gareth Emery - 1000 Reasons To Live

8) Best artwork/cover of an Album or Compilation:
Farhad: Eco - Wolves

9) Best Lyrics in an Electronic Music track
Farhad: Gareth Emery Ft Christina Novelli - Save Me 

10) Best Vocalist/Singer featured on Electronic Music track:
Farhad: Christina Novelli

11) Best Electronic Music Label:
Farhad: Armada Music

12) Best Online Social media for communication with your fans:
Farhad: Instagram

13) Best Twitter or Facebook message or Instagram message you received from a fan or friend or you have read on someone else’s account:
Farhad: It was from a fan in the mid of 2016 which game me huge inspiration for following:
Hello Farhad
I just want to tell you that we are a family that loves your music, We play your album Tehran Echoes while we eat dinner and also when I drive my kids to school, Please don't stop your emotional works, You are a good reason for us to live. Keep up the good work buddy.

14) Best music composition software:
Farhad: FL Studio

15) Best Club Event or Open Air Festival:
Farhad: Luminosity Beach Festival

16) Best personal Dj Gig:
Farhad: Armin van Buuren live at Tomorrowland 2016

17) Best Radio show:
Farhad: Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance

18) Best Radio station:
Farhad: DI.FM

19) Best Online Record shop that you purchase your music:
Farhad: Beatport

Farhad Mahdavi
20) Best Smart phone or smart phone application:
Farhad: WhatsApp! :D

21) Best Dj equipment (software or hardware):
Farhad: Pioneer 2000 Nexus

22) Best tip that you learnt this year for your Djing techniques or music composition:
Farhad: Rush = Fail

23) Best piece of advice you got in relation to your career in 2016:
Farhad: Find your own sign in your tracks

24) Best hobby or activity that you spent a lot of time in 2016:
Farhad: Counter Strike GO

25) Best holiday destination for 2016 that you manage to visit this year either to relax or to perform in a club or festival:
Farhad: Ibiza

26) Best Movie of the year that may inspire you to compose a track:
Farhad: We Are Your Friends (2015)

27) Best online/PC/video game of the year that you have played this year?
Farhad: Counter Strike GO

28) Best joke you heard this year related to electronic music:
Farhad: It's about Deadmau5 who thinks is the best of the world and make joke of Trance Music, Meanwhile in Trance Music we spend hours for too many instruments, melodies and etc. But he make a repetitive beat and copy/paste it for 6 minutes.

Dimitri: Finally, 2017 is ahead of us would you like to tell your plans with your future releases, tracks, albums, collaborations, Dj gigs.
Farhad: More excellent tracks in big labels. More gigs and etc.

Thanks to Jenny Walzer for organising this interview.

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