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RADIO SHOW: A Small Tribute to Avicii on 1mix radio

Tim Bergling aka AVICII died in the age of 28 in Muscat, Oman. Diana Baron acting as his publicist has released the following statement:
 "It is with profound sorrow that we announce the loss of Tim Bergling, also known as Avicii. The family is devastated and we ask everyone to please respect their need for privacy in this difficult time." [Source: Aljazeera]
According to various media sources the actual reason of his death is not clear and it seems that all journalists conclude that his death is a consequence of his damaged health thanks to his constant touring and even alcohol addiction as this was documented in the shocking documentary True Stories.

  Fans all over the world through their social media accounts pay tribute to his undeniable legacy as Avicii has manage through his tracks to attract more mainstream reserved conservative music audience particularly in USA who had little to do with electronic music as his track have infused country & folk  music elements with his well known pizzicato uplifting synths. If you listen carefully our tribute mix you will easily understand how his music compositions developed from club oriented full on bangers to pop dance or even electronic pop with sweet romantic lyrics less edgy, instantly gratifying and spotify playlists ready. He was well absorbed from the mainstream and it seems that his new material that is not released yet will be even more mainstream with club mixes taken care of other artists. This comes as a natural progression from his decision to stop touring and playing as DJ in festivals. Without tours and festival appearances he could concentrate on pop songs that featuring singers could perform them without his actual presence. Of course I believe that at the back of his mind he had to return touring when he would felt stronger and healthy. His tracks and remixes for other artists reflect his constant need to reinvent himself and take advantage of new technologies to produce his music via online collaborations or to spread his music with well organised social media team. His collaboration with Ash Pournouri has been success story that should be taught in music industry courses. In the following videos Ash explains the way he treated Avicii's brand.

On this video back in 2013 Avicii is pretty open about how he started and the state of his career in 2013.

Of course Ash's company and Avicii have parted ways in 2016. 
The official statement mentions"2x Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer Tim Bergling and his production/publishing entity Avicii Music AB have parted ways with manager Ash Pournouri, At Night Management. Bergling is signed to Universal Music Sweden and is expected to release an album next year." [source: Billboard]
 I can speculate that his decision to move away from Ash and his company reflects his attempt to reinvent himself and definitely take a different approach in his career something that we will never learn. Unfortunately the death of Avicii will have an impact in the electronic dance music community and the music industry in general as it has lost one of the strongest assets and key figures for the future developments and Avicii will always be remembered because his music compositions had the magic touch to stay in your memory supported by well directed music videos that had a clear and concise story to tell and also his tracks have a nice message to take away. Maybe simple or common sense ideas that fans will take on board and most important to slowly cultivate  stronger bonds to each other. The festival experience with visitors from wide variety of countries and locations require anthemic music with lyrics that will enhance their togetherness even deeper. When the singers manage to sing it beautifully and their voices are touching and inspiring then the mysterious click happens and the song becomes part of your everyday life feeling empowered and even stronger to move on, offer you the motivation to follow your path against all odds and scare away all negativity. Avicii's tracks have definitely this undeniable strength and it's up to his family to decide if any of the already produced unreleased tracks will be released and when. Usually music industry is very quick in order to make the most out of any situation so I'm pretty confident that more Avicii music will see the light of day unfortunately without the physical presence of him. 

  Personally I'm big admirer of Avicii achievements and I consider his legacy as being even bigger than we can imagine at this moment and definitely his death will awake many new aspiring music producers who considered him as a role model of success to reconsider where they stand and if it is worth it to make enormous sacrifices in order to become rich, famous and headliner in the mainstage of their beloved festival. 

Enjoy this tribute of 1mix radio on Avicii! He will never be forgotten that for sure. Our condolences to his family and loved ones.