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#InDepth Interview with Para X about his track Twinkle Tales on Universal Nation

Para X is on fire and now delivers his first Universal Nation release! We requested him to do an in depth interview for Twinkle Tales and we are glad he answered back in our questions.

Dimitri: When did you start your involvement with electronic dance music and which music style you are more affiliated with and why?

Para X: I made my first production steps around 1996. Didn't have a certain electronic music style back then, it just had to be melodic and emotional stuff. So it somehow was a logical conclusion that I'd fall in love with Trance sooner or later. Trance has the biggest emotions for me. You can party and dance to it, as well as simply listen to it and let it carry you away.

Dimitri: Did you had the opportunity to attend any kind of music production course or are u completely self taught? Do you consider that is essential for any artist to complete any production course?

Para X: I'm completely self taught. Back when I started, there wasn't something like Youtube tutorials etc. Unless you haven't had someone in your circle of friends who was a producer (or someone who knew someone that knew someone), there was pretty much no chance to ask anyone for advice. I think it's great to have all these opportunities nowadays and I guess it can really help you understand things quicker and better. Although, I don't think this is a must. If you are talented, passionate and believe in yourself, you will reach your goal even if it may take longer.

Dimitri: In which label was your first ever release and how did you manage to attract the attention of the label?

Para X: It was Toptrax Recordings distributed by ZYX Music. Toptrax was a young label which was associated with Uptrax - a platform for newcomers with a weekly radio show on Germany's biggest dance music radio station Sunshine Live. Every producer could upload their productions through their website to compete. If you got voted high enough at the charts your songs got aired on the radio show. My track "Tears" became No.1 after a few weeks and that's how I got my first record deal. Good old vinyl times ;)

Dimitri: Can you pick for us your Top 5 tracks that you have produced and you consider them as being highly important for the progress of your career indifferent if they were commercially successful.

Para X: Skytunes, 

Lost In Memories, 

Temple Of Light, 

Ray Of Hope, 


Dimitri: Let's focus on Twinkle Tales. Please tell us from where did you got the inspiration for the track?

Para X:  That's hard to say. There usually are no certain things on my mind when I start producing. Although, I have to admit the mood I'm into when I go to the studio mostly guides the way whether it's going to be a more happy/sad/mysterious track. The inspiration comes by simply playing around with sounds, or playing some chords on my keyboard. When I find the "magic-something" that touches me, I build it up from there.

Dimitri: How long it took you to produce it and was an easy or difficult process?If you have faced any difficulties please tell us about them and how did you resolved them?

Para X: I assume it took me around 4 weeks from start to finish. Maybe even longer... Days and weeks after I initially finished a track, I tend to always do some fine tuning and tweaking.

Dimitri: Which was the biggest challenge that you faced during the production of this superb track?

Para X: Finishing it! Instead of any work progress I was stuck listening to the main part in loop mode over and over again, haha!!

Dimitri: Can you describe to us the steps that you went through the production of this track and of any other track?

Para X: I usually start with melodies or pads and build everything else around it afterwards.

Dimitri: When the track finished did the label accepted it as it was produced or did the label recommend you to do some changes or fix certain things?

Para X: It got accepted the way it was :) I still did some minor tweaks before I sent out the final masters

Dimitri: Is this track an original composition or is it based on a template from another track produced from you or another producer?

Para X: It is an original composition. Although, I have built up so many tracks from scratch over the years, that from time to time, I like to re-use things that I loved in other tracks. Still I always amend even those things ;)

Dimitri: Is the quality of this track higher than your previous one? If yes in what ways this track sounds better than your previous one?

Para X: I don't think it should be me to judge this. Hopefully the listeners will love it :) But if you ask me for self-assessment I would simply say the production quality is where I think it should be ;) I always spend a lot of time on mixing and mastering as I have high demands to my work.

Dimitri: Do you have any friends or relatives that you send them the track before sending it to a label or if you are DJ did you test it in your gigs? If yes did you have to do any alterations as a result of the crowd reaction?

Para X: I have one special producer friend that listens once I feel a track is finished. If a gig is around I also like to check it at the club for sure :) This often gives you a different point of view on how to mix things.

Dimitri: Please describe to us the studio that you have produced Twinkle Tales? What is your favourite hardware and software set up? Do you have in mind any new gear that you wish to get in order to raise the quality of your production?

Para X: All my productions are made at my home studio. I used to have some hardware synth in the past (Access Virus B, Waldorf MicroQ, Quasimidi Sirius), but sold it all over the last years. With powerful computers and great software VST's we have these days, I haven't been using them anymore. My absolute "go 2 synths" are Omnisphere 2 and Spire. Couldn't imagine to produce without them anymore.

Dimitri: Do you master the track yourself or the mastering is task for the record label? Do you understand mastering as being essential?

Para X: Yes, I always master every track myself. There are only a few labels that want to have their own engineer taking care about. I see mastering as a final polish to get the best possible out of an already good track. There are lots of people believing everything can be fixed with mastering. A good mastering needs a good production in first place.

Dimitri: There is a growing trend of vinyl coming back for good. Would you like to see this track released on vinyl or any other of your future tracks? Do you prefer digital files or vinyl?

Para X: Seriously? I hear about this trend of vinyl coming back for over 10 years now, but I never noticed anything. Maybe it works for other genres - but haven't seen anything Trance related (limited collector's items excepted). I'm the generation of vinyl - so yes! It would be great to have tracks released on vinyl again :) For collecting, I feel vinyl is much more worthy than digital files. On the other hand, digital files don't take away physical storage and they are way easier to travel with and take them to clubs.

Dimitri: Do you have any future releases planned and when will be released?

Para X: Actually, I have big news and plans for 2018! I'm going to launch my own label "Intense Emotions" in spring under the umbrella of the renown Recoverworld Label Group. This is something I had in mind for quite some years now and I feel the time is just right! The clue is in the name - it will be future home for emotional, melodic uplifting trance. My vision is quality over quantity and I'm already very excited about the launch! Btw,  I'm currently looking for suitable tracks to sign and will be happy to hear from you!

Dimitri: Tell us here your Top 3 best DJ gigs so far and the reasons that made them so special?

Para X:  Airbeat One 2007, 25 Years of Technoclub, Luminosity pres. ADE special 2017. Every gig is special in it's own way. I picked these as I consider them as my personal milestones. Airbeat One was my first festival gig which sure was a big excitement. 25 Years of Technoclub is very special to me as the legendary Technoclub is the longest existing and first "electronic music only" event in Germany. I first went to Technoclub as a raver when they celebrated 15 Years of Technoclub. To be part of their line up 10 years later is a privilege and a big honor. My 2017 debut on one of the worlds most famous and loved event "Luminosity" is another huge achievement and deserves a special place in every artists heart. I loved everything about it. Especially, all the great people I met there that traveled from all over the world!

Dimitri: Do you have any more DJ gigs planned for the next few months? If yes please note them down here.

Para X: There are some planned, but at this point it's too early to talk about

Dimitri: Do you produce a radio show/podcast as well? Please tell us here all the details about it. 

Para X: I have 2 monthly radio shows on DI.FM (Trance Channel). "Intense Emotions Reloaded" with my long time buddy Ciacomix, where I play all my current and past favorites. It takes place every 3rd Sunday of the month from 20:00 - 22:00 cet. Since February 2017, I'm also hosting the legendary "Recoverworld Radio" show every first Friday of the month from 19:00 - 20:00 cet. It consists of "Recoverworld only releases"

Dimitri: Best piece of advice you got in relation to your career so far and best tip you learnt recently to make your tracks better.

Para X: Don't sell yourself short. Stay true to yourself and follow your heart. Listen to your track on as many different sound systems as possible. It should sound as good as possible wherever you listen to it. Take the needed breaks while producing to make sure your ears are not getting tired. Give final touches only with fresh ears. This could be next day earliest, or even 1 week or later after you finished your track.

Dimitri: Your tips or more elaborated advice for any new artists who may read this interview and wish to get involved with the electronic music industry.

Para X: Don't produce tracks and styles you're not really digging just to grab someones attention. Your priority should be to satisfy yourself with the music you make and truly comes from your heart and soul. I know this is much easier said than it's done, as we all want to have success somehow. Be nice with people and try to stay away from negativity. 

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