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BEST OF 2017 Interview with Division One

Your Name: Adam Weiss aka Division One
Your location(country,city): Poland, Krakow

Dimitri: Can you mention your biggest music career achievements in 2017?
Division One: Non stop growing support from big names in the scene such as Gai Barone, Basil O'Glue, Tempo Giusto, Danilo Ercole,  just to name a few, this always puts smile on my face and give me confidence boost. Would love to thank them for the support, it means a lot to me.
Dimitri: Can you mention your biggest personal life achievements in 2017 that make you extremely proud?
Division One: I'm extremely proud of hosting my own show on di.fm progressive channel called Analog Conspiracy, which is gathering quite big fanbase :)
1) Best Track from other artists:
East Cafe - One Silent Cloudburst (Original Mix) [Manual] I love emotions in this track and the space is mindblowing.

2) Your top 3 2017 personal productions
Deepsec - Midnight Feelings (Division One Remix) [Electronic Tree]

Hybrid System - Nitric (Division One Remix) [Addictive Sounds]

Ditronne - Octagone (Division One Remix) [Abstract Space]

I would go with this three as I think that shows my variety of sounds that I make :)

3) Best Artist (Dj & producer):
Gai Barone is a huge inspiration for me, I love the sounds that he makes and fullness of his productions, they are truly unique.

4) Best Remix from other artist:
Joe Goddard - Music Is the Answer (Hot Since 82 Remix) this remix is so intense that I cannot stand still everytime I hear it :)

5) Best Remix that you have produced?
Alex Morelli - Mrs Filiger (Division One Remix) [Aethereal] I think it's the best I've ever made.

6) Best Remixer:
Hard question, so many to mention. Love Gai Barone's remixes, Basil O'Glue's, Ming [GER], Heinrich & Heine and many more.

7) Best New Talent (Dj or producer):
Douglas Young aka Las Von, this guy has a big talent and makes awesome tunes, definetely one to watch in 2018.

8) Best Electronic Music Album:
Sasha - Involver all time favorite since 2004, this album gave me so much inspiration to producing. Each track on this album is very powerful. For me this album is the definition of progressive music. Mindblowing every time.

9) Best Electronic Music Compilation:
I love compilations from Baroque Records called Pure Progressive, you cant find there pure gems.

10) Best artwork/cover of an Album or Compilation:
So many great artworks out there, it's simply impossible to pick a favorite, I will just say Electronic Tree covers are really great, the same for Baroque Records.

11) Best Lyrics in an Electronic Music track (it can be your production or from other artists)
"Music is the answer to your problems
Keep on moving then you can solve them"
Originally wrote by Celeda in 1993.

12) Best Vocalist/Singer featured on Electronic Music track:
I love Amber Long's voice, also had the honour of remixing the track consisting her vocals. Pure pleasure to work with them.

13) Best Electronic Music Label:
Wow this is a very hard question. There are so many great labels and if I wanted to mention all of the it would take me a year :) I want to mention few that stole my heart, proud to mention Electronic Tree label from my country :) Balkan Connection, Audio Safari, Baroque Records,Yin:Yang, Hot Cue Music, Abstract Space, OLD SQL Recordings, OHM Music and the list goes on :)

14) Best Electronic Music Video:
I would say Veracocha - Carte Blanche, very old video but I love it :)

15) Best Online Social media for communication with your fans:
Facebook is very useful also Twitter,  Soundcloud, and VK (VKontakte)  these 4 helps a lot in communication with people all over the world.

16) Best Twitter or Facebook message or Instagram message you received from a fan or friend or you have read on someone else’s account:
I received a lot of messages from people who likes what I'm doing and every message or comment is very important to me. I make music for the people and when I see that they love my music it makes me a very happy person.

17) Best music composition software:
Ableton Live and Reaper, these two softwares are industry standard in my opinion. Ableton is known for his top notch warping engine and clip view workflow, on the other hand there is a Reaper wich is light, stable with tons of power. You can have 100 channels project running smooth on very old computer like 10 years old :)

18) Best Club Event or Open Air Festival:
Luminosity is the kind of event that I think is the best at the moment, the variety of artists is huge and they keep the same high level for years.

19) Best personal DJ Gig:
A lot is going on in my life recently that I have so little time for everything, i didn't have a chance to perform at dj gig but I hope it will change soon as I have some offers already so stay tuned :)

20) Best Dj set of the year from other fellow Dj:
I love sets from Johan N. Lecander (Content Director on DI.FM), he keeps delivering top notch quality sets for years, I love his Assorted Trance mixes, he keeps the spirit of old great trance and progressive sounds and quality of  DJ culture.

21) Best country that you have played in 2017 and where did you met the best festival/event crowd:
As I mentioned before little time doesn't allow me to play any gig for now, but it will change soon :)

22) Best Radio show or Artist Vlog?:
As a host of my own show on di.fm I listen to my fellow colleagues from di.fm family and my favorite channel is progressive of course :) love Deepersense Music Showcase run by Cj Art, Gai Barone's Patterns, Rj Picken's Floor Control, Blufeld's Stimulus Sessions and the list goes on, so many great shows to listen to :)

23) Best Radio station:
Of course di.fm as i mentioned before I love to listen radio shows from others and also hosting my own Analog Conspiracy there :)

24) Best Online Record shop that you purchase your music:
Beatport and Amazon those two are the source for my music catalog.

25) Best music related website that you visit frequently:
Attack Magazine is all around music making as well as music itself and Flux BPM is great source for widen your musical horizons.

26) Best Smart phone or smart phone application:
I would say Samsung Galaxy S series and Microsoft Lumia, best application facebook lite it has very good optimisation, di.fm for mobile and g-stomper studio, keeps my music ideas on my phone.

27) Best Dj equipment (software or hardware):
Ableton is my all time favourite - either for live act and for DJ gig.

28) Best new sound or sample that has been used in Electronic Music this year perhaps introduced first by you?
I don't think there is any, there are many sounds that are coming back from the past and it's great to see that old styles are still present and vivid.

29) Best tip that you learnt this year for your Djing techniques or music composition:
As for djing - "Selection is the key" and for producing - it's no point of set up channel strip for every channel - but this work massively on grups and sends. Not every instrument needs to have compressor on it only for sake of having it. And most important one - less is muuuuch more :)

30) Best piece of advice you got in relation to your career in 2017:
Be yourself and keep your feet on the ground, just do what you love and stand strong behind your work. There are always up's and down's to learn from but never give up, if you don't believe in yourself, no one will. And also one thing million dollar software doesn't make music, no matter what you own it matter how you use it.

31) Best hobby or activity that you spent a lot of time in 2017:
I love music and it's my hobby too, listening music every day, learning new tips for music production, everything that is music related is my hobby :) I also love cooking, watching football, especially Bundesliga.

32) Best holiday destination for 2017 either to relax or to perform in a club or festival:
Greece stole my heart, beautiful scenery and great people.

33) Best Electronic Music magazines in printed form not online:
Computer Music Magazine is great and very helpful.

34) Best Movie of the year that may inspire you to compose a track:
Blade Runner 2049, great movie and amazing soundtrack.

35) Best online/PC/video game of the year that you have played this year?
I don't play games anymore so I cannot tell anything on that subject :)

36) Best soundtrack for video game of the year:
As I said don't play games anymore, have no clue :)

37) Best electronic music related joke you heard this year and make you still laugh:
I can't remember any, but the memes are just flooded the internet like crazy and it's also hard to pick one :)

38) The saddest electronic music news you heard this year and still makes u cry:
Robert Miles death was a sad moment, we lost a big producer. Also closing of Addictive Sounds label was a sad moment, this label had huge potential to be one of the biggests labels out there.

Dimitri: Finally, please tell our readers your plans with your future releases, tracks, albums, collaborations, DJ gigs.
Division One: There is a lot going on, many releases will come out, new originals, collaborations and fingers crossed gigs, so stay tuned :)
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