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ADE 2016: Tuesday 18th October, Join The Opening Debate

The Opening Debate
The Opening Debate is where ADE starts, featuring some of the brightest, most passionate and most dedicated people the dance music industry has to offer giving their hotly sought opinions on important topics. Where does the industry stand after the predictable fallout from the SFX debacle? Is Clubland safe in the UK? Have managers and their intolerable demands made it nearly impossible for events to book artists, or is it really a re-ordering of the balance of power in favour of talent? How will Brexit affect cross channel cultural exchanges? Join us, listen and ask questions from the floor.

De Brakke Grond (G3 Panel Room) | Nes 45, Amsterdam
  • Andy Blackett (Fabric, GB) Promotions Manager / Musical Direction
  • Dave Clarke (GB)DJ/Producer
  • Laetitia Descouens (Decked Out, GB)DJ/Live Agent
  • Mirik Milan (NL)Night Mayor of Amsterdam
  • Molly Neuman (Kickstarter, US) Head of Music
  • Terry Weerasinghe (Beatport, GB) Senior Vice President of Marketing, Music and Analytics.
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