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ADE 2016: 10 reasons why you should visit ADE Green

Visit De Brakke Grond on ADE's Wednesday for a selection of great speakers, panels and workshops for both the ecologically-minded and those who are yet to be convinced of the value and relevance of sustainable practices.

After recent announcements about ADE BeamLab and the ADE Hackathon we continue with another forward thing element of ADE.

ADE Green, the forum par excellence covering every aspect of social responsibility, sustainability, advanced recycling techniques and the whole business of being greener in your life and your event planning, rounds up ten reasons to invest a day of your life in going greener:
  • Festivals are an important stage for emerging cultural ideas and innovative developments

  • There are also a number of practical workshops you can attend (make sure to register beforehand through this form). 

  • Because among others Seth Troxler (US), Dave Clarke (UK), Sunnery James (NL), Ryan Marciano (NL), B-Front (NL), Laidback Luke (NL), Tommie Sunshine (US), Shailendra Singh (World’s Biggest Guestlist, IN) are all on the panel of Dance for a Better World.

  • Representatives of Tomorrowland, Boom Festival and Shambala will be talking about the steps you can take as a (major) festival to become more sustainable.

  • Open-House launches a new program where festivals will be the testing ground for innovations for refugee camps.

  • We’ll be revealing the many waste-free steps that we have learned over the last few years through panels and workshops.

Because there are multiple opportunities to network with people who care about the future of the planet!

Date: Wednesday October 19
Venue: De Brakke Grond
Tickets: € 35, available here, also accessible for 1- & 5- day conference ticket holders

Don't forget to attent our ADE Greens's Facebook event here.

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