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ADE 2016: Heleen Blanken debuts installation at Rembrandt House

The Rembrandt House will open its doors again for another round of ADE. This time Heleen Blanken will present her work in the museum's courtyard.

After recent announcements about the festival program and the 2016 MusicTalks, it is time for another Playground announcement

Esteemed, celebrated visual artist Heleen Blanken will be presenting her first physical art installation at the Rembrandt House at this year’s ADE. Following on from last year, which saw Jeff Mills compose innovative works inspired by Rembrandt’s painting Philosopher in Meditation, this will be the second consecutive year the home of the iconic Dutch painter will be used during the conference.

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Heleen Blanken, no stranger to ADE, is often associated with her striking, live visual work that saw has seen her perform at Trouw, Dekmantel, Sonar – and other leading music events. The piece takes its inspiration from the work of Hercules Segers, whose work is currently on display at the Rembrandt House. The exhibition, Under the Spell of Hercules Segers: Rembrandt and the Moderns, focuses on the work that played such a big influence on Dutch painter’s work. Alongside Blanken’s installation, experimental producer Peter van Hoesen has provided audio interpretations of the work for people to listen to on headphones provided by Urbanears, such that each visitor can fully, immerse themselves in the exhibit.

Bridging together the themes that connect Segers’ and Blanken’s work, the installation is built around imaginative representations of natural phenomena. Set-up in the museum’s courtyard, Blanken’s installation will provide artificial depictions of geological structures that visitors can experience at different levels through the glass wall that separates the museum’s staircase from the yard. The exhibit will be open to all everyday throughout the conference. Heleen Blanken will also be performing at Klockworks ADE presented by LET on the 23rd alongside DVS1 and Ben Klock.

Rembrandthuis presents: Art Installation by Heleen Blanken & Peter Van Hoesen
Wednesday October 19 - Sunday October 23. 
Rembrandthuis, 10am - 6pm. 
Tickets: €13 / ADE Card: free, available here

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