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FEATURE: Preview the forthcoming Freestylers single Over You

Although nowadays it seems to be a matter of fashion to use the qualification “future jungle”, we can say one thing for sure: “Over You” is a brand new cut showcasing that good old Freestylers sound. Hard, uplifting and with fabulous vocals performed by former Basement Jaxx singer Ami Carmine (Them & Us). The single is the follow up to the highly acclaimed “Frozen” which featured vocalist Joshua Steel aka Flux Pavillion and let us not forget the success The Freestylers harvested with world hits like “Ruffneck”, “Push Up” and “Cracks”.

Now with “Over You” you better brace yourself for a hammering seeing to on the dancefloor; once the amen beats kick off the intro, you know that it’s on. The subtle use of a pizzicato style string melody with Ami’s addictive vocals on top of it form the chorus and it’s that part of the track that allows you to catch your breath for a second. ‘Cause the massive beat programming combined with the relentless, modulated and thick swirls of the Juno hoover sound (remember Second Phase’s “Mentasm”) is what gives the track its strength, not to mention the fat sub bass that will ignite any club in the world. With a trademark hit single like this, The Freestylers once again confirm their reputation and it will be no surprise that it’s exactly with “Over You” that the boys kick off their tour through Australia and New Zeeland. The video is in the works as we speak.

This first single package of two features remixes by 601, who created an incredible breakbeat version of the original; Speakerhead (the well known collaboration between Black Sun Empire and Boemklatsch), with a banging filthy dark dubstep rendition and last but not least Franky Nuts & Azzeration, whose version is a reinforced combo of electro and dubstep. The Freestylers’ “Over You” is what it is: a killer hit.

The second single package of two comes with remixes by Hectic, who approached the original from a really deep dubstep angle; Piyush Bhatnagar, ‘our man’ from India, delivering the goods with his trademark bulldozer style of rough dubstep and finally Stefan K, who left his studio with a steady pumping house version for the clubs. Every DJ should add The Freestylers’ “Over You” to their tracklist today!
Released by: Rub A Duck
Release/catalogue number: Rub A Duck 010
Release date: Nov 14, 2011

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