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BEST OF 2019 Interview with Mahaputra

His full name is Mahaputra Jong. However, people have known him as Mahaputra. He was born on 7 September 1995 in Jakarta, Indonesia and has learned to produce Electronic Dance Music since he was only 13 years old and DJ when he was 15 years old.

His tracks have been released on Paul Thomas and Aneesh Gera’s UltraViolet Music (UK), Alter Ego Progressive (UK), Discover Records (UK), Above All Records (Netherlands), Nanostate Music (USA) and so forth. Moreover, the tracks and remixes which created by Mahaputra have been played by several big names in the Trance scene such as Cosmic Gate, Kyau & Albert, JES, Monoverse, Dim3nsion, Saad Ayub, Claus Backslash, Erika K, Suzy Solar, Rub!k, Karanda and many more.

Further, in the mid of 2019, Mahaputra's "The Way Back" has awarded #BIGBANG of the week on Cosmic Gate's Wake Your Mind Radio episode 271. Also, it has been played by Armin van Buuren on A State Of Trance episode 919.On November 29, 2019, Kyau & Albert has released EUPHONIC 300 compilation which has included Mahaputra's "It Feels Good". It was a big achievement for Mahaputra that he can be a part of the legendary Kyau & Albert's 300th celebration Euphonic Records release. 

Also, Mahaputra has been choosen as the winner of Nitrous Oxide's Atacama remix competition and his remix would be released under Raz Nitzan Music label on November 6, 2019.

Dimitris: Your biggest music career achievements in 2019:
Mahaputra: My biggest achievements are my track called "The Way Back" has been choosen as #BIGBANG of the week on Cosmic Gate's Wake Your Mind 271 and also got a play from Armin on ASOT 919, thus, my track called "It Feels Good" has been released on Kyau & Albert's Euphonic 300 compilation, moreover, my remix of Nitrous Oxide's "Atacama" has been released on Amsterdam Trance Records (sub label of Raz Nitzan Music)

Dimitris: Please rate your online presence/visibility in 2019 from 0-10?Please elaborate with short comment.
Mahaputra: 8

1) Best track(s) and short comment for each track from other fellow artists in 2019
Mahaputra: A lot of good tracks in 2019, I can't imagine to choose one of them. It is really hard.....

2) Best of 2019 personal productions with short comment about them:
Mahaputra: "The Way Back" and "It Feels Good" are my best personal productions

3) Best Artist in 2019(DJ & producer) with short comment:
Mahaputra: Myon is my favourite for this year!!!

4) Best Remixer(s) for 2019 with short comment:
Mahaputra: MYON!!! His remix of Carry On is BANGING!!!

5) Best electronic dance music compilation in 2019 with short comment? :
Mahaputra: In Search of Sunrise 15 mixed by Markus Schulz is my favorite!!!

6) Best electronic dance music label for 2019 with short comment:
Mahaputra: Black Hole Recordings

7) Best online social media for 2019 with short comment:
Mahaputra: Based on my perspective, it is Instagram. Because everyone is using it. 

8) Best music composition software in 2019 with short comment:
Mahaputra: Ableton live 10!!

9)Best Club event /Festival/music conference in 2019 with short comment:
Mahaputra: SHVR Ground 2019. Myon was there and his set was so STUNNING!!!

10) Your Best personal DJ Gig & DJ performance in 2019 with short comment:
Mahaputra: My friend's private party on November 29, 2019 was the best gig ever!!!

11) Best DJ set from other fellow DJ in 2019 with short comment:
Mahaputra: Fadlie. He is my friend. He is doing a residency at one of the biggest club in Indonesia named Colosseum every Friday. He can read the audience very well!!!

12) Best radio show/podcast or Vlog(video blog) in 2019 with short comment. It can be yours or from other artists you respect:
Mahaputra: Markus Schulz' Global DJ Broadcast

13) Best sound sample that has been used frequently in electronic dance music tracks in 2019 (personal or from other artists):
Mahaputra: Vengeance Sample Pack and Freshly Squeezed Samples - Victoriya Vocal Essentials

14) Best hobby or creative activity except music production in 2019:
Mahaputra: I always play squash with my hitting partner every weekend :D

Dimitris: Do you have any concrete plans for 2020 regarding future releases, tracks, albums, collaborations, DJ gigs? Please provide us the juicy details.
Mahaputra: I have a release at Nanostate Music on 2020!!! I hope that release will get amazing supports from biggest names in the trance scene :D

Dimitris: Your message & wishes for 2020.
Mahaputra: I hope 2020 will be an amazing year for all trance artists!! :D

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