BEST OF 2019 Interview with Azotti

Azotti Is a one of Ukraine’s brightest stars in the progressive and trance scene. His releases on various top dance labels gained the attention and admiration of Top DJ's such as Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Cosmic Gate, Ferry Corsten, Richard Durand, Markus Schulz and Many More.

Dimitris: Your biggest music career achievements in 2019:
Azotti: In 2019, I took a short break, before something special in the future ... 
But, of course, this is my collaboration with a real legend Darren Tate and our track 'The Solstice' 

Dimitris: Please rate your online presence/visibility in 2019 from 0-10?Please elaborate with short comment.
Azotti: 3 - There is no limit to improvement
2019 is a very significant year for me, I have passed the milestone of 10 years of my project! I had many plans, but some of them will move to next year

1) Best track(s) and short comment for each track from other fellow artists in 2019
Azotti: 1) DT8 Project - Carry On (Myon Return To 95 Mix) Track, Release and Remix of The year! TOP HI Level, totally love) 

2) Best of 2019 personal productions with short comment about them:
Azotti: Darren Tate & Azotti - The Solstice - One year ago we began this great project. 🌌
It was a big honor for me to go this long way with legend Darren Tate!

3) Best Artist in 2019(DJ & producer) with short comment:
Azotti: Eric Prydz - He deserves it for a long time to be the best

4) Best Remix(es) from other fellow artists in 2019 with short comment :
Azotti: Richard Durant, Alex Di Stefano, Darren Porter, Grum, Cosmic Gate, Myon it's a lot of tons great remixes

5) YOUR Best Remix which you have produced in 2019 with short comment?
Azotti: To be honest, in 2019 I did not any remix, only an audio service and original tracks

6) Best Remixer(s) for 2019 with short comment:
Azotti: Richard Durant, Sean Tyas, Myon do a smasher remixes always!

7) Best New Talent in 2019 (DJ or producer) with short comment :
Azotti: It’s hard to say, in fact, I did not follow the new artists this year, I did not have the opportunity) But Billy Gillies was a discovery for me and do a great Production in 2019!

8) Best electronic dance music album in 2019 with short comment:
Azotti: Gaia ‎– Moons Of Jupiter. Thanks to Armin and Benno for a little bit something different for today

9) Best electronic dance music compilation in 2019 with short comment? :
Azotti: In Search Of Sunrise, Anjunadeep, A State Of Trance - something for the 
soul, something in order to unite lovers of electronic music. After all, music is a unique thing, it is multifaceted and multitasking, with the help of music you can express emotions or try on people or make a declaration of love, music is such a thing - for all occasions

10) Best artwork about single / album/compilation or promotional campaign in 2019 with short comment:
Azotti: Single - "Cosmic Gate - Come With Me" , Album - Armin "Balance", Compilation - "In Search of sunrise 15"

11) Best lyrics in electronic dance music track(s) in 2019 with short comment :
Azotti: DT8 Project - Carry On 

12) Best vocalist/singer on electronic dance music track in 2019 with short comment:
Azotti: Today in electronic music, for me there are two vocalists number one, female - Jes Brieden and male - Christian Burns 

13) Best electronic dance music label for 2019 with short comment:
Azotti: Black Hole, Armada, Anjunabeats, Anjunadeep

14) Best electronic dance music video for 2019 with short comment:
Azotti: Above & Beyond - Another Angel: 

Also, I am very captivated by visualizations at Eric Prydz performances, Just WOW!

15) Best online social media for 2019 with short comment:
Azotti: Instagram, Facebook - because, at the moment I don't see an alternative

16) Best social media response you may have received about your music or your DJ performance in 2019:
Azotti: No comments - Hey dude! I want to kids from you! )))

17) Best music composition software in 2019 with short comment:
Azotti: Cubase 10, it's just my choice)

18)Best Club event /Festival/music conference in 2019 with short comment:
Azotti: 1) Best Club event - for me was "Galaxy Station"  a mini festival at the center of my city Kyiv, Ukraine
2) Best Conference - ADE but for many reasons I can’t go there

19) Your Best personal DJ Gig & DJ performance in 2019 with short comment:
Azotti: My Perform at "Galaxy Station" in Kyiv  

20) Best DJ set from other fellow DJ in 2019 with short comment:
Azotti: All sets from Armin, Above & Beyond, ATB, Eric Prydz, James Grant in Anjunadeep Edition in 2019 just love

21) Best radio show/podcast or Vlog(video blog) in 2019 with short comment. It can be yours or from other artists you respect:
Azotti: Anjunadeep Edition podcast with James Grant, Group Therapy with Above & Beyond, some A State Of Trance podcasts. 

The Best Vlog - "Muzikxpress" from Twan van Loon, guys I advise you to watch it! 

22) Best review that you have read in 2019 about your tracks or for other artists tracks(please provide the link if this review is online):
Azotti: I regularly receive a lot of positive comments about my productions from other Artists by Email.

23) Best music related website in 2019 with short comment:
Azotti: Spotify - streaming is the future!

24) Best production or DJ equipment (a)software & (b) hardware) in 2019 with short comment:
Azotti: Some Software - Cubase 10, Fabfilter plugins, ANA, Diva, Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2, Kontakt; DJ equipment - any from Pioneer, Technics, Allen & Heath; Studio hardware - RME, ADAM audio, Virus TI, Nord Lead etc.

25) Best sound sample that has been used frequently in electronic dance music tracks in 2019 (personal or from other artists):
Azotti: Not a lot but some from Vengeance Sample Packs for sure.

26) Best technical tips that you learnt in 2019 in relation to your DJing or music productions:
Azotti: It so happened in my life that any peoples usually turn to me for advice, because I teach young guys how to write electronic music. The whole of 2019 was a year of training for me, because after 10 years of working on the Cubase 5 platform, I switched to Cubase 10. The difference is colossal!

27) Best piece of personal or music bussiness advice you got in relation to your career in 2019 and has helped you to progress even further:
Azotti: I know that Difficulties in life make us develop, move forward! it makes us stronger! Difficulties it is not always bad; we always benefit and experience, from various difficult situations!

28) Best travel tips in 2019 to survive the long travelling hours and jetlag:
Azotti: You always need to have a clear trip plan, plan A and plan B in case of emergency, each of us has its own characteristics of the organism, so giving some advice on dealing with jetlag, i don't see the point. Try to eat right, drink good water, sleep at least 6-7 hours

29) Best ever electronic dance music track(s) of all times with short comment?
Azotti: Everything But The Girl - Missing, Wrong; Roger Sanchez - Another Chance; Chicane - Saltwater, Offshore, Don't Give Up; Paul van Dyk - For An Angel, Another Way; Push - Universal Nation, Strange World; Delerium - Silence (Tiesto Remix), Tiesto - Just Be (Antillas Remix); Armin van Buuren - The Sound of Goodbye;  Madonna ‎– What It Feels Like For A Girl (Above & Beyond Remix); Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme; Luminary - Amsterdam (Smith & Pledger Remix); Deep Dish - Say Hello; Mauro Picotto - Comodo; Faithless - God Is A DJ;  Cygnus X ‎– Superstring (Rank1 Remix); Eric Prydz - Call On Me; ATB - Ecstasy; Daft Punk - One More Time; 4 Strings - Take Me Away; Yoji Biomehanika - Hardstyle Disco; Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You; Coca & Villa - La Noche; Reflekt Feat. Delline Bass ‎– Need To Feel Loved (Adam K & Soha Vocal Mix); Cosmic Gate - Exploration In Space; Age Of Love - Age Of Love; Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene, Equinoxe; Giorgio Moroder; Kraftwerk; Robert Miles...

30) Best hobby or creative activity except music production in 2019:
Azotti: 1) Last summer of 2019, I built a gazebo in an absolute wild pine forest 2) Collecting of vinyl records

Dimitris: Do you have any concrete plans for 2020 regarding future releases, tracks, albums, collaborations, DJ gigs? Please provide us the juicy details.
Azotti: I have a lot of plans for 2020, new releases, performances, let this remain a little surprise )

Dimitris: Your message & wishes for 2020.
Azotti: Never give up! Knock on every door! Every opportunity, this is your chance, a small step, and one more notch! Cheers!

Additional info:
Please note Azotti has commented: I do not have a personal website, because today, in the 21st century, the need to have a personal website has almost disappeared, any of the social networks or platforms provides you with a full range of services and amenities for your comfortable work on the web! ;)
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