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BEST OF 2019 Interview with Artüria

2019 Shows: 
June 9th - Freshtival (Main Stage)(Holland)(2019)
October 17th - Songspire Records Label Night (Amsterdam) (ADE 2019)

Labels: Rose Avenue Records / Songspire Records

Supported By: Cristoph / Cassian / Rüfüs Du Sol / Lane8 / Eelke Kleijn / Motez / Henry Saiz & many more incredible artists.

4x Beatport Top 30 Progressive House Chart Artist.
4x Beatport Top 70 Progressive House Releases Chart Artist.
4x Beatport Top 10 Progressive House Hype Chart Artist.
1x Beatport Top 20 Biggest Basslines Chart Artist.
1x Beatport Top 20 The July Shortlist Progressive House Chart Artist.

Dimitris: Your biggest music career achievements in 2019:
Artüria: My biggest achievement for 2019 was releasing on Rüfüs Du Sol's label with my remix of Cassian Ft Gabrielle Current - Same Things.

1) Best track(s) and short comment for each track from other fellow artists in 2019
Artüria: Cassian Ft Zolly - Magical
To bring something fresh and totally outside the box is incredible for an artist to do so and Cassian nailed this.

2) Best of 2019 personal productions with short comment about them:
Artüria: Cassian Ft Gabrielle Current - Same Things (Artüria Remix) 

Artüria x Solanca - Monarch (Original Mix)

3) Best Artist in 2019(DJ & producer) with short comment:
Artüria: Cassian by far, this guy is a machine with music production as is so cool and always fun to chat to. I can't wait to hear his album.

4) Best Remix(es) from other fellow artists in 2019 with short comment :
Artüria: Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (Cristoph Remix) 
This remix I think was the biggest, the amount of support this got was absolutely ridiculous, hands down the best remix of 2019 for me.

5) YOUR Best Remix which you have produced in 2019 with short comment?
Artüria: Cassian Ft Gabrielle Current - Same Things (Artüria Remix) this was is by far my best remix, to work with vocals like gabs and productions from Cassian I was right in my element and produced something I am really proud off.

6) Best New Talent in 2019 (DJ or producer) with short comment :
Artüria: My one to watch would be Solanca this guy is an exceptional talent and a great artist to work with.

7) Best electronic dance music album in 2019 with short comment:
Artüria: To be honest I've not caught up on any albums this year but I am awaiting to hear both of these 2 albums: Cassian. Camelphat.

8) Best vocalist/singer on electronic dance music track in 2019 with short comment:
Artüria: Gabrielle Current, what a great artist she is. 

9) Best electronic dance music label for 2019 with short comment:
Artüria: Songspire Records, the hard work these guys do behind the scene for their artists and releases is really great to see.

10)Best Club event /Festival/music conference in 2019 with short comment:
Artüria: Freshitval it is a festival in Holland (Enschede) as I got the chance to open up the main stage, which was something really cool and a life time dream to do a gig like this.

11) Best piece of personal or music bussiness advice you got in relation to your career in 2019 and has helped you to progress even further:
Artüria: It was to visit Amsterdam during ADE to meet artists & record labels I've worked with, this is a must if your an artist and wanting to further connect.

12) Best ever electronic dance music track(s) of all times with short comment?
Artüria: Camelphat - Constellations
This track is just something else, from the sound design right through to the production, incredible.

13) Best hobby or creative activity except music production in 2019:
Artüria: Fitness and socialising with friends and family.

Dimitris: Do you have any concrete plans for 2020 regarding future releases, tracks, albums, collaborations, DJ gigs? Please provide us the juicy details.
Artüria: Yes some really cool collaborations with Kydus, Solanca & some more ;) ...

Dimitris: Your message & wishes for 2020.
Artüria: Thank you for taking your time out to interview me, merry Christmas and all the best for 2020. 

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