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ADE 2018: The ADE Hackathon is looking for creative teams

Photo credits: Willeke Machiels
This year's edition will feature the realms of sustainability, copyright & music licensing and 30 years of dance music.

The third edition of ADE's innovation pressure cooker ADE Hackathon will take place on ADE Friday -right in the centre of the conference area around Leidseplein- and ADE team is now looking for a great mix between music, technology, data, entrepreneurship and innovation from creative minds.

ADE, DGTL and the Tech & Dance Collective are working together to provide smart developers, designers and entrepreneurs with a platform to think about the challenges that are faced by the dance and festival scene, but also to think about the opportunities that data and technology provide. The ADE Hackathon -co-hosted by Bynder & Label A. -believes that by bringing together different kinds of people, skills and organizations we are able to create an environment in which new ideas and collaborations are born and brought a step closer to realization.

ADE Hackathon 2017 - Aftermovie from Tech & Dance Collective on Vimeo.

After a successful debut in 2016 and a strong second edition last year, this year ADE team is looking for concepts in the areas below:

Copyright, music licensing and compensation
With the rise of the big streaming services and technologies like blockchain, copyright and distribution of earnings are a hot topic. But how is the distraction of the earnings within electronic music currently done and what can be improved in the current process? The ways of distributing royalties have been around for a while, but are becoming more and more of a discussion topic. This is especially the case within the dance industry where a lot of royalties of music played at live events is distributed in a very traditional way. The technology and data are there, but how should we structure this?

Festivals are a great example of temporarily small cities that can help actual cities achieve the same successes. DGTL wants to become the first circular festival in 2020, This is an ambitious goal, but they’re on the right track and set an example as a pioneer in the festival landscape. Last year DGTL visitors produced only 1/7th of the waste they would produce at other festival. All cups were reused, the foodcourts sold no meat, all the waste from foodcourts was collected and turned into compost, and they even did tests with turning urine back into drinkable water.

DGTL has a lot of data for you. Not only bar performance, payment info and other visitor related data via the RFID wristbands. They have produced a material flow index, where literally all the materials that are used, re-used, recycle and incinerated are explained. Can you help us use this data to help DGTL become even more sustainable: create better insights and stimulate festival visitors to become more sustainable themselves?

30 years of dance music
2018 marks the year that ADE celebrates 30 years of electronic music. How did we get here, and where are we going? Insights in the past and present can be very useful for the future. What parts of the world are still to be conquered by electronic music and where can we find the new artists, genres and initiatives in dance? Let’s look at our past to identify opportunities for the future. Electronic music is for everybody, so let’s see how we can contribute achieving this goal.

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Who can join? A great hackathon team consists of a developer, designer, creative mind and a business person. We will kick off the ADE Hackathon with an introduction of each topic by someone who knows all the ins and outs and we'll make sure you will have enough experts around to provide you with relevant feedback. Altogether you can generate and produce ideas that really match with the needs there are in the dance and event industry. 

So, got a great idea and thinking about applying? We’ll make sure you get connected to your new team mates. We have a limited number of seats, so don’t wait too long and sign up here

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