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Music Conference: IMS Ibiza 2018, videos from various sessions are now online (updated)

International Music Summit (IMS), the inspirational, educational and motivational thought-leadership platform for the electronic music industry, last week delivered another insightful and inspiring schedule of powerful and at times emotional discussions on the most important issues facing the scene today, delivered by 120 artists and industry leaders.

Across 3 days IMS Ibiza welcomed 1,200 members of the global electronic music community from 48 different countries for a powerful week of reflection, positivity and progress.
IMS co-founder Pete Tong (BBC Radio 1, Broadcaster, UK) opened the 11th edition of the summit with an incredibly poignant opening tribute to Tim Bergling, otherwise known as superstar artist Avicii. Tong’s reflection on his life, his legacy and the impact of his tragic and untimely death started the summit on a somber but important note, reminding all of the importance of putting the spotlight “firmly back on our industry and the health of the DJ”, adding the powerful statement “we weren’t supposed to die chasing the dream.”

Now online there are videos of many of the sessions so definitely its worth watching them if you wish to have in-depth knowledge of what's really going on behind the scenes in the EDM industry. Hopefully more videos will be added in the coming weeks to experience the majority of the panels for those who didn't manage to be there.

Pete Tong - the most authoritative voice in electronic music - opens the IMS with a response to the tragic passing of Avicii and issues thoughts on how the industry can better deal with the stresses and strains of life in the music business.

Following on from Pioneer DJ and DJsounds’ documentary focusing on mental health and the tragic passing of Avicii, what are the issues faced by touring DJs? What are the warning signs of problems? AFEM discusses why it is time to protect the health of global artists not the wealth of global businesses…

Freedom, self-expression, inspiration. Built at the intersection of nature and art. But threatened by commercialisation and overrun by dance music; turning into a place for jet-setters and rich hippies. Are we talking about Burning Man or Ibiza? Lovers of both communities come together to explore and dissect misconceptions of two culture creators.

IMS brings together the leading figureheads of the Positiva Records label - from its inception inside EMI, to the global careers its launched, and where it stands today… Still strong, still relevant and in the steady hands of its A&R director Jason Ellis.

IMS brings together the leading members of the team for the global career of Black Coffee, with an specific focus on the second year of his Ibiza residency at Hï. Black Coffee’s career is moving at an incredible speed, so a perfect time to hear their strategic approach.

Todd “The God” Terry has seen it all - from the toughest streets of New York to international fame as one of the most successful house music producers of our time. IMS goes deep into his life and career, interviewed by IMS partner Pete Tong.

Electronic music was built by people doing things on their own terms. From Phuture birthing acid on a TB-303 to Dizzee Rascal creating grime on the Music 200 playstation game, a do-it-yourself ethos has always pushed the movement into the future. Meet five visionaries under 25 who are changing the shape of our scene and taking things forward.

Tom Middleton, founding member of Global Communication, stunned the community this year with the launch of the Sleep Better Sounds platform and psychoacoustic soundscapes album. Now a fully-trained Sleep Science Coach, he shares his wisdom on the importance of sleep and, most importantly, how to get to sleep

Bradley Gunn Raver is the viral sensation who is being invited around the world to bring his infectious, unstoppable dancing to their events. He has Asperger's syndrome, but sober raving has helped him socialise with other people. A true human interest story and inspiration to us all…

Fiona Measham returns to IMS to present The Case for drug testing at large events and clubs. Her organisation The Loop are in high-demand to increase testing at festivals and events as the world opens up to facing the reality of controlling this issue.

Young Guns Network has been providing a meeting point for young, ambitious media professionals since 2013. Following its inception, over 1,500 under-30s have joined and continue to engage with the initiative’s events, conversations and, of course, other members. IMS is delighted to present this year’s focus - Disruptors!

The fireside chat will cover the importance of community in music, and how it helps to build, establish and grow music scenes and creator communities, as shared through the experiences and perspectives of Room for Resistance (R4R). Room 4 Resistance is a Berlin-based queer femme / non-binary forward collective focused on community-building and creating safer space & visibility for underrepresented artists in Dance Music.

In recent years a world of new party destinations has matured. As Ibiza prices itself out of the market for many, we bring together the leading protagonists from Mykonos, Marrakech, Dubai, Tulum, Croatia and the Algarve in Portugal to find out the magic that is bringing thousands of new music tourists to their destinations.

Becoming a parent is traditionally perceived as a hindrance in one's career in the music business, particularly if you're a woman or an artist, in general. Our discussion aims to create more awareness in this space, remove the existing taboo around juggling family life with work and ultimately give parenthood a renewed, positive status in the workplace. A change in perception around parenthood in music will positively impact the industry ecosystem, both from a diversity as well as a commercial angle.

Electronic Music has embraced streaming like almost no other genre, yet opinion remains divided; should labels fight to protect revenue from downloads and vinyl or transform their businesses to maximise plays, in a world where purchase price is a thing of the past.  Cutting edge industry figures debate the full spectrum of business models and how the industry needs to evolve to make money from free.

The Annual Digital Debate this year brings in speakers from the artist side - managers and label heads representing the likes of Armin and Fatboy Slim. Also we welcomed Pandora and The Orchard to IMS for the first time. Always an insightful debate...

Another incredible IMS Dalt Vila event with a strong line-up and some special pairings including the debuts of many leading underground talents to this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mission Statement: International Music Summit is an educational, inspirational and motivational thought leadership platform dedicated to creating awareness of, and appreciation for, electronic music, the artistry related to DJ-ing and all related popular artforms, primarily through the presentation of summits and events that celebrate the historic and ongoing contribution of the genre to art and culture worldwide.
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