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Flux BPM InDepth Interview with Heiken about Feelings out now on Pinkstar

After dropping some absolute bangers on Muzica Records like We'pa and and D.A.N.C.E., Sirup Music's Brazilian friend HEIKEN finally makes his PinkStar debut! His delicious track FEELINGS with it's cool chopped up vocals and an intriguing bassline will make you vibe all night long. 

FEELINGS has so phenomenal energy and groove that we wish to unlock all the secrets behind the making of it and learn more about the talented Brazilian artist HEIKEN. Get ready for an InDepth Interview on Flux BPM Online.

Dimitri: When did you start your involvement with electronic dance music and which music style you are more affiliated with and why?

HEIKEN: I've started in 2007 playing EDM, had some projects on the way. But in 2015 I created Heiken. I'm not a genre person but Tech House is what always made me happy.

Dimitri: Did you had the opportunity to attend any kind of music production course or are u completely self taught? Do you consider that is essential for any artist to complete any production course?

HEIKEN: Yes, I think that learn is never too much. You must be learning and studying for ever. I had the opportunity to make some courses in my life. Recently I made the Mix & Mastering course on Dubspot and was amazing!

Dimitri: In which label was your first ever release and how did you manage to attract the attention of the label?

HEIKEN: The first one was on Tiefblau Records. On that point no one knows my project. So I uploaded my track on private on Soundcloud and sent to the label. To my joy, they accepted and signed.

Dimitri: Please pick for us your Top 5 tracks that you have produced and you consider them as being highly important for the progress of your career indifferent if they were commercially successful.

1. Heiken & Kenshin - D.A.N.C.E

2. Heiken - California

3. Heiken & Vinne - Dat Junk

4. Heiken - Felfa

5. Heiken & Dual Channels - About U

Dimitri: Let's focus on your latest release. Please tell us from where did you got the inspiration for Feelings?

HEIKEN: Tech House is something that always blowed my mind. So I tried to create something more Tech and strong for the dance floor. I considerate this is a great track to be played on the Clubs and not so much on the radio. When I play it on the Clubs the reaction is always amazing!

Dimitri: How long it took you to produce it and was an easy or difficult process?If you have faced any difficulties please tell us about them and how did you resolved them?

HEIKEN: I'm not a fast guy to produce. But this one didn't take so long. I guess it was 3 weeks to have it ready! My biggest issues on this record was the bass. This bass have lot of Sub frequencies so my challenge was to dose it right to not complicate the final mix.

Dimitri: Which was the biggest challenge that you faced during the production of this superb track?

HEIKEN: As I mentioned before, was the bass. When you work with sub frequencies is always a challenge. If you do and mistake on that area you can complicate yourself in the end of the process.

Dimitri: Can you describe to us the steps that you went through the production of this track and of any other track?

HEIKEN: For this one I created the Kick and Bassline first. Then I searched an Acapella (Normally I sing on my tracks). After find an acapella and have the Kick and Bassline ready I've started to work on the groove, then others instruments and for the last, the break.

Dimitri: When the track finished did the label accepted it as it was produced or did the label recommend you to do some changes or fix certain things?

HEIKEN: They accepted this way. But normally Alejandro recommends some upgrades, and they always works!

Dimitri: Is this track an original composition or is it based on a template from another track produced from you or another producer?

HEIKEN: It's an original one.

Dimitri: Is the quality of this track higher than your previous one? If yes in what ways this track sounds better than your previous one?

HEIKEN: No. This is and "old" track that I always used as my secret weapon. I've played more than a year and then Alejandro convinced me to release it. In this time I've learned a lot on Mixing and Mastering, so this is not the best quality for sure. But the good thing is that on the clubs works perfect.

Dimitri: Do you have any friends or relatives that you send them the track before sending it to a label or if you are DJ did you test it in your gigs? If yes did you have to do any alterations as a result of the crowd reaction?

HEIKEN: Yes, I always have my trust guys. It's always good to have a different point of view for your tracks. So it's normal to make some adjustments and changes after that.

Dimitri: Can u describe to us the studio that you have produced the track? What is your favourite hardware and software set up? Do you have in mind any new gear that you wish to get in order to raise the quality of your production?

Monitors: Dynaudio BM6A MKII
Interface: UAD Apollo Quad
Computer: MAC PRO
Screen: LCD TV 32"
Microphone: AKG C414 XL
Analog Synth: MOOG Minitaur
MIDI Keyboard: Novation SL49 MKII 

Plug in's for production: Massive, Nexus2, Sylenth, Arturia Minimoog V.

My dream Synth is the MOOG Voyager.

Dimitri: Do you master the track yourself or the mastering is task for the record label? Do you understand mastering as being essential?

HEIKEN: Yes. Today I have the FABRIEK Mix & Mastering Studio.  It's something that I always loved and wanted to know more about it! So today I work with producers from all the part of the globe.

Dimitri: Do you have any future releases planned and when will be released?

HEIKEN: Yes. I have one in collaboration with Ashibah. It's going to be release it on Lou Lou Records. It's going to be my first release with my Tech House project, called "Schwanka".

Dimitri: Which were your Top 3 best DJ gigs so far and the reasons that made them so special?

HEIKEN: 1. ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL - BRAZIL - Played 2 years. This was so so so crazy. Play in one of the Biggest festival of the world was the craziest experience that I ever had.

2. EDC BRAZIL - It was my first big festival. I've played on the biggest stage ever. I will never forget that.

3. GREEN VALLEY - I've played more then 10 times there and they were always life moments. Play there is a special thing.

Dimitri: Do you have any more DJ gigs planned for the next few months? 

HEIKEN: Yes. Playing around Santa Catarina / Brazil.

Dimitri: Best piece of advice you got in relation to your career so far and best tip you learnt recently to make your tracks better.

HEIKEN: Always believe in your dream. Be disciplined. Create your own identity and study a lot!

Dimitri: Please give us here your tips or more elaborated advice for any new artists who may read this interview and wish to get involved with the electronic music industry.

HEIKEN:  Study, study, study. That's the key. That's what gonna make you better than the others.

Thanks so much to Sirup Music for organising this interview.

Thanks so much to  Heiken for replying with so much detail and passion in this fantastic interview.

Stream / Download : https://Heiken.lnk.to/Feelings

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