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BEST OF 2017 Interview with Bodo Kaiser

Your Name: Bodo Kaiser
Your location(country,city): Zürich / Switzerland

Dimitri: Can you mention your biggest music career achievements in 2017?
Bodo: There are some actually, especially performing at the Polish National Holiday together with Andy Moor for 3000 People but also the Street Parade afterparty in Zürich together with The Thrillseekers, Sean Tyas, Driftmoon and more.
Dimitri: Can you mention your biggest personal life achievements in 2017 that make you extremely proud?
Bodo: The release of my EP that reached 7 at the Beatport trance Charts and also the following releases on Tangled Audio with some amazing support.

1) Best Track from other artists:
The Beauty You Are from Passenger 75 a tune I played almost in every set this year, very well produced.

2) Your top 3 2017 personal productions
I'm really proud of my progressive EP that went down pretty well this year, Summerstar, Time Square, but also my collab with Koray Borderline but also looking forward to my last release the end of the Year called Vimana

3) Best Artist (Dj & producer):
There are many but to name some I've worked and played with this year, It would be Andy Moor, Passenger 75, Standerwick

4) Best Remix from other artist:
I'm really proud of the CJ Stone Classic Style mix he did for my collab track with Koray (Borderline)

5) Best Remix that you have produced?
I only did 1 remix this year as I focused on my own Music so It be the Dark Club mix I did for singer Lia Rox new single Hound.

6) Best Remixer:
Standerwick as he did one of my fav remixes this year for Markus Schulz

7) Best New Talent (Dj or producer):
There are many talents out there and not all of them are new so these are my fav of the past years, Passenger 75 & KoRay.

8) Best Electronic Music Album:
A*S*Y*S* - Grand theft Acid, I really like his high quality productions with the Acid and Techno influence

9) Best Electronic Music Compilation:
I haven't really followed any compilation this year.

10) Best artwork/cover of an Album or Compilation:
I also like the Cover of the New A*S*Y*S* Album Grand theft Acid

11) Best Lyrics in an Electronic Music track (it can be your production or from other artists)
Above & Beyond - My own Hymn for me a perfect match of lyric and sound.

12) Best Vocalist/Singer featured on Electronic Music track:
Zoe Johnston great as always :-)

13) Best Electronic Music Label:
I think there are many great labels and as they all different its hard to call one a favourite but of course Tangled Audio and Freegrant Music are very sticking out each for they're own genre.

14) Best Electronic Music Video:
I don't think there are mindblowing music video these days.

15) Best Online Social media for communication with your fans:
I like to communicate on Facebook or instagram.

16) Best Twitter or Facebook message or Instagram message you received from a fan or friend or you have read on someone else’s account:
I have Fan`s ? lol no favourite tweet but I always enjoy to read Christina Novellis tweets :-)

17) Best music composition software:
Logic or Ableton

18) Best Club Event or Open Air Festival:
Club Ekwador in Poland is always a highlight but sure always enjoy the Tranceformers Shows at Hall of Fame in Switzerland.

19) Best personal Dj Gig:
I can't decide

20) Best DJ set of the year from other fellow DJ:
I think it was the Stadium4 set I heard at Club Avalon Hollywood

21) Best country that you have played in 2017 and where did you met the best festival/event crowd:
Poland for Sure

22) Best Radio show or Artist Vlog?:
Not really listening to many shows but if i do its Patterns, Moor Music and Global DJ Broadcast

23) Best Radio station:
I have no favourite

24) Best Online Record shop that you purchase your music:

25) Best music related website that you visit frequently:

26) Best Smart phone or smart phone application:
I'm still an iphone kid but not really use all the apps LoL

27) Best DJ equipment (software or hardware):
There is only Pioneer for me

28) Best tip that you learnt this year for your Djing techniques or music composition:
Prep and build your sets carefully and go with the crowd as much as you can.

29) Best piece of advice you got in relation to your career in 2017:
Did I got an advice ? I would love some.

30) Best hobby or activity that you spent a lot of time in 2017:
Studio, kayaking in California

31) Best holiday destination for 2017 either to relax or to perform in a club or festival:
Socal of course

32) Best Electronic Music magazines in printed form not online:
Not big of a reader

33) Best Movie of the year that may inspire you to compose a track:
I did not got too much time to watch movies this year unfortunately.

34) Best online/PC/video game of the year that you have played this year?
I haven't played a video game for years, am i boring now ?

35) Best electronic music related joke you heard this year and make you still laugh:
Some jokes I'm not sure if they are sad or funny in these days.

Finally, please tell our readers your plans with your future releases, tracks, albums, collaborations, Dj gigs.
Bodo: There are many plans but not much I can say at the moment, but def. a collab coming I'm very looking forward to and also some studio work I started already with lots of different styles some people might not expect from me, and I'm very looking forward to some new destinations to play as just some new requests came in for next year.

Many thanks to Alter Ego Records and Duncan Newell for organising this interview.

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