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Interview with Markus Schulz at the ADE 2017 plus report on his open to close set at Melkweg

At the Amsterdam Dance Event 2017 it was big pleasure to arrange and meet the legendary DJ & producer Markus Schulz. Once again he offered one of his most memorable open to close (SOLD OUT) sets at Melkweg in Amsterdam on Friday night. The interview was recorded on Thursday and we discussed with him  his opinion about ADE. He reveals all about the Deluxe Edition of his last year released album Watch The World that is just out including extended and remixes of the original album tracks. We talked about his future projects including the release of his Dakota album and what's the difference of this project with his releases under his name and his all vocal EP coming soon. He talks about the preparation of  his open to close set and the future prospects of his successful label Coldharbour Recordings. Enjoy the always captivating speaker Markus Schulz. Thanks to Tim at Stark Profiles for organising this interview. 

Check his latest single Markus Schulz presents Dakota - The Spirit of the Warrior (Transmission 2017 Theme)

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