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ADE 2017: HDE: Uniting the industry and connecting generations

Have a look at an overview of the conference program of the ADE track focused on the harder styles of dance music.

With autumn in full swing, the annual get-together of the harder styles is closing in fast. On ADE Thursday the 19th of October, the Hard Dance Event (HDE) sits at the epicenter of the scene as hundreds of artists, event organizers, creatives, promotors and visitors gravitate towards the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam. Through a string of panels, Q&As and masterclasses, the mechanisms that power this enduring and multi-faceted ‘industry within an industry’ will be examined, discussed and unraveled.

Bridges between past, present and future
One of the underlying topics that characterizes HDE’s essential and fact packed program is the connection between that which lies behind us, the point where we find ourselves today and what’s looming on the horizon. Someone who understands this curious continuum perfectly is Willem Rebergen, better known as Headhunterz. Fully aware of his roots, the artist ventured into the unknown until he recognised his true calling and returned to the source. And of course this gives rise to an obvious question: where will he take hardstyle next? The answers will inevitably emerge in the course of a vibrant Q&A with the man of the hour. 

Another phenomenon that brings together the generations is Thunderdome. Being the apex of the genre, it serves as the appointed institution to highlight ‘25 Years of Hardcore’. Taking their places on this panel is a selection of people with individual and differing visions on, and experiences of, the brand and the sound, including Sebastian Hoff (Promo), Sietse van Dalen (Da Mouth of Madness), Frank Nitzinsky (The Outside Agency) and Sefa Vlaarkamp(Sefa). This session promises to ignite a highly engaged and engaging conversation about a journey through time. Plus, with its highly anticipated celebration approaching, our panelists must be wondering in what direction Thunderdome and hardcore will head next. 
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About and beyond music
If you cut to the core of what HDE stands for, it’s really all about the music. And in order to offer an in-depth approach to the artistic side of the matter, a genuine masterclass simply has to be part of HDE. Producers can rest assured that hardcore expert Evil Activities will offer them a valuable insight into his craft by de-composing tracks and elaborating on the creative ideas behind the various elements that form the overall sound. 

Yet there are also dimensions of the scene that stretch far beyond music. In looking at the average major festival, the experience that a show provides counts as a prominent driver for fans and followers. In the panel ‘Music vs. Experience’, this equation is thoroughly explored by individuals who work with it on a daily basis, including Tomorrowland’s Creative Director Christophe van den Branden and Eric-Paul Dijkhuizen from EPDMinD. 

Tickets & more info
Hard Dance Event takes place Friday October 19th in Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam. Tickets are available here. The event is also accessible for ADE Pass & ADE Conference Pass holders. Attend the event here to stay up to date, more info and an overview of the program can be found here.

Are you eager to stay on top of the latest evolutions and dynamics within the harder styles of electronic dance music? Attend Hard Dance Event on the 19th of October in the Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam.

The harder styles of electronic dance music are on the rise, and we’re all in it together.

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