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ADE 2017: Tiga meets Soulwax at ADE in a special MusicTalk

Soulwax’s David and Stephen Dewaele, a.k.a. 2manydjs go toe to toe with Canada’s finest in a celebration of their favorite music, the realities of life on the road and much more.

Canadian DJ/producer Tiga and the Soulwax crew are well known to ADE regulars, but you might not know that they are also the best of friends. 
“While in my fantasy world Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Duran Duran and the usual crew have had massive impact - in the real world, Dave and Steph Dewaele had a genuinely huge effect on me as a person and as an artist,” says Tiga. “More than just introducing me to new music, new artists and new aesthetics, they introduced me to entire new ways of thinking and living. I know that sounds dramatic, but it's true. In a world where it is increasingly rare, the brothers are the genuine article. They are music lovers, romantics, craftsmen, collectors and aesthetes. I think without them I would probably have remained more or less a strange techno kid with a love of 80s music and hip hop. Everyone has something to learn from them, and I am proud to present the flying Deewee Brothers!!!!!” 
During a special MusicTalk the trio will be discussing a range of personal and musical topics including how they are affected by revivals of genres such as New Beat and Electroclash of which they were an integral part. “And what happened to the future? Is there no end to revivals? I find it bizarre and crazy how kids of 20 are now collecting and playing records from 1994,” adds Tiga. 
For their part, the Dewaele brothers commented: “Having had the privilege of both working and being good friends with Tiga for 15 years, we think it's fair to say we really know each other. Like really, really know each other. The funny ‘caricature’ version of our relationship would be to describe us as two sets of ears that love to endure Tiga's seemingly unstoppable flow of jokes, talking and ideas etc., and even though that side is definitely true, the truth is that a large part of our working relationship and friendship is helping by listening, and showing him that quite often he needs no help from us, or anyone else, that he is a unique voice in a sea of mediocrity whose strongest aspects are sometimes invisible to himself. 
He has been a true friend and inspiration and even though we come from completely different ends of the musical spectrum, we meet in the middle and are every time amazed at his ability to come up with the simplest yet weirdest ideas.” 
This is, simply, an unmissable meeting of highly original and super-bright minds!

Date, time and venue to be announced.

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