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EVENT NEWS: Zephyr, the Tomorrowland Hot Air Balloon will reside in Ibiza for the summer 2017

Zephyr, the Tomorrowland Hot Air Balloon, will be aloft all summer long in Ibiza Magical Tomorrowland hot air balloon brightens the sky over the white island.

If you pay a visit to the White Island this summer, you might spot a magical hot air balloon floating in the sky. Tomorrowland designed an amazing hot air balloon and named it Zephyr. Zephyr's will be flying over Ibiza all summer long, weather permitting. Zephyr weighs 300 kg and measures 22 m x 22 m  x 6.5 m and has room for 2 passengers. Zephyr provides a breathtaking view of the island at the two most beautiful moments of the day: at sunrise and sunset. It’s a unique experience courtesy of Tomorrowland.  Tickets for a sunrise or sunset flight can be booked via zephyr.tomorrowland.com. If you see it, take a photo and post it with #Zephyr. Maybe you'll win a free hot air balloon ride….

Do something good today that Tomorrow will thank you for.

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