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ADE 2017: ADE issues Open Call to the creative community

ADE is calling all pioneering creators, programmers, artists and innovative designers - who are based in the Netherlands - to submit project proposals for the ADE Sound Lab program.


Following up on our announcements about the festival program and Surgeon & Lady Starlight ADE turn its focus to ADE Sound Lab, the program that delves into the domain of sound, art and creativity, exploring innovative ways of producing sound and electronic music, as well as experimental combinations of sound and visuals. The three-day program, held 19-21 October, features demonstrations, workshops and masterclasses, with artist talks open to the public, state of the art synthesizer set-ups, an instrument hack area, live jams and music/art performances. Previous line-ups have included Jeff Mills (US), Machinedrum (US), Dave Smith (US), Roger Linn (US), Joris Voorn (NL), Henrik Schwarz (DE), Boris Blank (CH), Nick Verstand (NL), Paul Hartnoll (UK), Richie Hawtin (CA), Octave One (US) and Francesco Tristano (IT).

Following on from successful collaborations over the past two years between Creative Industries Fund NL and ADE Sound Lab - based around creative calls for innovations in the area of Modular Synthesis in 2015 and Frequencies in 2016 - this year, for the first time, ADE is wholly managing the selection of projects. This Open Call is an opportunity for the Dutch-based creative community to present new or existing work within the framework of ADE. Amsterdam Dance Event aims to offer talented musicians and artists the freedom to experiment with new methods and technologies, paving the way for genuine innovations that can be included in other international festivals. This open call will culminate in an exhibition of installations, demonstrations and performances that will be part of the ADE Sound Lab program.

Open Call details
ADE calls on creators, programmers, artists and innovative designers - who are based in the Netherlands - to submit project proposals for the ADE Sound Lab program. ADE intends to offer pioneers in the field of sound synthesis and innovative sound production a platform to show what they are working on and to help them to further pursue their projects. From the submissions, ADE will select projects to be presented during ADE, putting the creators with their work in the global spotlight. This year’s Open Call will focus on the theme new and emerging instruments, encouraging its creators to experiment and research the domain of image, sound and art within the context of the electronic music culture. These instruments can involve music/sound producing instruments, conceptual instruments, installations researching combinations of sound, art and image. ADE Sound Lab could for instance be the place for an official First Play of a new instrument.

ADE will base its selection on the quality of the project presentation, the motivation of the participants and the resulting cohesion with the ADE Sound Lab program, following the theme New & Emerging Instruments. The project, or a self-contained section of the project, must be presented during the Amsterdam Dance Event. The projects submitted must be suitable for a presentation or a public performance. ADE has a total budget of 10.000 EUR, which will be shared among the selected projects. ADE’s maximum contribution is 2.500,- EUR per project.

Proposals need to have the following attributes
A clear, concise description of the project or presentation proposal. PDF file | maximum of 5 pages | maximum of 5MB;
Documentation of the project or comparable realized projects in the form of text, image and/or video (links);
A budget that provides insight into the costs of the further development or presentation of the project (to a maximum of €2,500);
CV(s) of the creative(s) involved;
Proof of registration with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK).
A clear plan on the production requirements involved in presenting the project. These include space requirements, sound/light, etc. Please take the production requirement costs into account in your budget. These costs need to be clearly stated. ADE’s contribution cannot exceed €2.500.

Important info
ADE is unable to cover travel expenses nor accommodation around and during ADE;
The form and place in which these projects are presented will be decided in consultation with ADE and the applicant/artist;
It is appreciated and not detrimental to the application, if the applicant would be interested in a free unsupported place at the lab, should the money application be unsuccessful;
ADE will contact all applicants in week 32 (7 -13 August);
Deadline: Submit your proposal before August 1st 2017;
Send your application to: soundlab@amsterdam-dance-event.nl

Photo: Neo – Lola Gielen (ADE Sound Lab 2016) 

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