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BEST OF 2016 INTERVIEW with 7Wonders from Leeds, UK

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Leeds, UK

Dimitri: Can you mention your 3 biggest achievements in your music career in 2016?
7Wonders: I successfully released my first EP on Tangled Audio, one of my tracks was played at the ASOT Festival in Utrecht (Netherlands) and I have just launched my first weekly radio show Digital Renaissance on Trance Energy Radio which airs every Monday from 10pm UK / 11pm CET.

Dimitri: Overall 2016 was a positive, neutral or maybe negative year for you and why?
7Wonders: I'd have to say Positive definitely, I have achieved so much this year and to top it all off my track 7Wonders - Beyond The Shore (Tau-Rine Remix) was not only played on FSOE but it was also voted as 'Future Sound'. 

1) Best Track:
7Wonders: That's a tough one, I don't think I can say definitively I have a 'best track' as there are so many great tracks out there at the minute but for me I'd have to say Allen & Envy - Ulysses is up there as one of the best! 

2) Best Artist (Dj & producer):
7Wonders: Arctic Moon, his productions are on fire at the minute and his DJ sets are awesome! When you see him play you can feel the connection he has with the crowd. 

3) Best Remix:
7Wonders: I love Tau-Rine's remix of my track 7Wonders - Beyond The Shore. His interpretation took the production to a new level and was supported by Aly & Fila on FSOE 452

4) Best Remixer:
7Wonders: Psymes, I have yet to hear a remix he's done which hasn't been on point! One of his best to date has to be his remix of Y-Traxx - Mystery Land (Psymes 2016 Courtyard Rework) He did an amazing job of capturing the essence of the original while giving it an up to date sound which works really well! 

5) Best New Talent (Dj or producer):
7Wonders: Far-Side, he's brought the Psy out in me! I'm still not a fan of full on Psy however his influence has definitely impacted my sets. 

6) Best Electronic Music Album:
7Wonders: Pass, I don't really own or listen to albums! 

7) Best Electronic Music Compilation:
7Wonders: I'd have to say Tangled Audio: Best of 2016, the compilation has some amazing tracks on there which really reflect the essence of trance and what Tangled Audio represent. 

8) Best artwork/cover of an Album or Compilation:
7Wonders: That's easy its got to be Tales from the Mental Asylum. I love their compilation and singles artwork. You can tell so much effort has been put into each one and the style really reflects their releases! 

9) Best Lyrics in an Electronic Music track
7Wonders: For 2016 I think the lyrics sung by Goshen Sai on the track 'Never Looking Back' by Type 41 has to be the best lyrics I've heard this year. They are so inspirational and kinda make you reflect on your life and all the possibilities which lay before you. 

10) Best Vocalist/Singer featured on Electronic Music track:
7Wonders: When it comes to vocals you have to be careful as the voice has to be just right in order to prevent the track from becoming cheesy. At the minute the voice of Clare Stagg really captures the essence of trance! 

11) Best Electronic Music Label:
7Wonders: My style is a mixture of tech/uplifting trance with an element of Psy. At the moment Critical State is releasing some amazing tracks which really fit into my sets. 

12) Best Electronic Music Video:
7Wonders: I'm a huge fan of Trance Divine AKA Lisa Rist! Her videos really capture the essence of a track so when the opportunity arose for her to produce a video for my next release 7Wonders - Together I jumped at the chance.  The video really captures the emotion present in the track!

13) Best Online Social media for communication with your fans:
7Wonders: I'd have to say Facebook, I receive so much support on there it's unreal. When online it feels like we are all part of the same family joined together by our passion for trance. 

14) Best Twitter or Facebook message or Instagram message you received from a fan or friend or you have read on someone else’s account:
7Wonders: There was one message which really struck a chord with me. It was left on Facebook by a fan and it basically thanked me for the music i produced and explained how much of an impact it had on his life. I make music for people to enjoy and I hope that it makes them happy, however I never envisioned that it would affect someone in such a strong positive way. 

15) Best music composition software:
7Wonders: That's easy, Logic Pro X! It was the DAW I learnt on, I have played around with a few other programs however something just clicked with Logic and I've never looked back. 

16) Best Club Event or Open Air Festival:
7Wonders: I'd have to say Creamfields, I saw some amazing acts including Armin Van Buuren and Paul Van Dyk. The crowd was just amazing and with an atmosphere you couldn't beat I had an awesome time! 

17) Best personal Dj Gig:
7Wonders: I DJ'd in quite a few places back in the day in and around Yorkshire however as time progressed I moved into the studio to concentrate on music production. More recently I have been looking at getting back into playing live, I am just waiting for the right opportunity, what I will say is watch this space! 

18) Best Dj set of the year from other fellow DJ:
7Wonders: One of the best was Marlo live at Creamfields, he was on early in the ASOT tent however I found his set to be one of the best.

19) Best country that you have visited to perform with the most up for it crowd:
7Wonders: I have yet to go international but from the crowds I have seen and the atmosphere I have experienced so far it would be my dream to perform live in  Australia! 

20) Best Radio show:
7Wonders: For me it's got to be FSOE, I love the format of the show. The music played is true trance with no commercial cheesy unlike some of the other big radio shows which seem to pander to the masses at the expense of the music. 

21) Best Radio station:
7Wonders: Trance Energy Radio, they have a great portfolio of shows and I love the dedicated app you can download which means I can listen wherever I am! 

22) Best Online Record shop that you purchase your music:
7Wonders: Its got to be Beatport, I love their exclusive releases which mean you can get the music before general release and the charts are a true reflection of what's hot at the minute in the world of trance. 

23) Best music related website that you visit frequently:
7Wonders: Soundcloud, it's a great platform for discovering new music and if what I have heard is true about them reversing their decision on DJ mixes,  that's good news for everyone. 

24) Best Smart phone or smart phone application:
7Wonders: I'd have to say the Trance Energy Radio App, it's easy to use and gives you access to a wealth of music wherever you go! 

25) Best Dj equipment (software or hardware):
7Wonders: I learnt my craft on a pair of Technics 1200's however with today's format Its got to be Pioneer all the way. The CDJ2000 is an awesome deck and the DJM-2000 mixer is out of this world! 

26) Best new sound or sample that has been used in Electronic Music this year perhaps introduced first by you?
7Wonders: I am going though a bit of a phase at the minute with an electric guitar sound, my last few tracks have contained the sample. I really like it as its unique and as a result you don't hear it very often in trance.  

27) Best tip that you learnt this year for your Djing techniques or music composition:
7Wonders: You don't have to mix in key! I started out using the system however even though all the tracks fitted nicely together, the end result was very formulaic and boring. Some tracks fit together and sound amazing even though on paper they shouldn't work. I'd say ignore the rules and go with what feels and sounds right.  

28) Best piece of advice you got in relation to your career in 2016:
7Wonders: Don't give up, no matter how many setbacks you get, no matter how many times people say to you "it's a waste of time, you'll never make it". Just keep going and believe in yourself. 

29) Best hobby or activity that you spent a lot of time in 2016:
7Wonders: I'd have to say the work I've done in the studio is the best activity, I think I've come a long way since my first release on Tangled Audio and the more time I spend in the studio the better my sound gets.  

30) Best holiday destination for 2016 that you manage to visit this year either to relax or to perform in a club or festival:
7Wonders: For me the best place I've visited so far is Antigua, the beaches are amazing, the views feel like they've been lifted off a postcard and the people were so friendly! 

31) Best Electronic Music magazines in printed form not online:
7Wonders: For me it's got to be Mixmag, I love the articles and the features, it's well written and is quite accurate in its reporting of what's going on in the clubbing scene.  

32) Best Movie of the year that may inspire you to compose a track:
7Wonders: Its got to be Star Wars Rogue One, whether or not it inspires me to compose something is another matter but the film is awesome! 

33) Best online/PC/video game of the year that you have played this year?
7Wonders: I don't really play video games but I loved the Call of Duty series so I'd have to say the latest in this series would be my choice! 

34) Best soundtrack for video game of the year:
7Wonders: Tough question, something with a Hans Zimmer feel to it, he's an amazing composer! 

35) Best joke you heard this year related to electronic music:
7Wonders: I heard Paris Hilton is now a DJ! 

Dimitri: Finally, 2017 is ahead of us would you like to tell your plans with your future releases, tracks, albums, collaborations, Dj gigs.
7Wonders: My next track will be released 2nd January on Beyond the Stars Recordings called 'Together', It has a really nice Solarstone feel to it, you should definitely check it out. Future plans also include the release of more tracks and the expansion of my radio show Digital Renaissance which has got off to a great start. I also hope to land my first live gig as 7Wonders later in the year. 

Thanks to Duncan Newell at Alter Ego / Tangled Audio for arranging this interview.

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