FEATURE: VANDIT Next Generation Imprint is on FIRE!

Through the launch of his own label 20 years ago Paul van Dyk blazed yet another electronic music trail. Opening VANDIT in 1999, PvD became a leading light in the DJ/producer-owned label revolution. With an initial remit of increasing the exposure of international artists to the German market, the VANDIT platform was also (and remains) a vital instrument for handling PvD’s own music. 

Since its launch VANDIT’s given first exposure to artists like Zaxx; helped establish producers including Giuseppe Ottaviani, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Josh Gabriel, Gareth Emery & Lange, and - from his classic  ‘Another Way’/’Avenue’ release onwards – been the font for PvD himself. 

Now, in step with its 20th operating year, Paul is embarking on VANDIT Next Generation - the stable’s first ever sub-label. 
“We’re two decades in to VANDIT, he says – and we felt this was the right juncture to make this distinction. We want to clearly define what - over time - have become the two distinct tracks our artists are on. Musically, those producers already established will remain on VANDIT’s mainline label. The talent that Team VANDIT’s spotted, or those beginning to make names for themselves will start their journey through us on Next Generation. Investment is the key to all our futures, so the team’s aim through VANDIT Next Generation is to nurture that next wave of trance producer and see them on the right course”.
With releases landing Wednesdays, fortnightly, the first draft of Next Generation outings include material from the eminently promising Steve Dekay, Jamie Walker, Aerotek, Aimoon, Jan Miller, Mhammed El Alami & Alex Wright and Casey Rasch. VANDIT Next Generation’s first single, was ‘The Blooming Era’ from Colombia’s Steve Dekay. Full details of its early summer launch releases you can find below, which will be available through all good online retailers & streaming agents. 


24.04 VANX001 Steve Dekay – ‘The Blooming Era’

08.05 VANX002 Jamie Walker – ‘Fly Away’

Jamie Walker continues to be proclaimed by many as 'the one to watch' within the trances scene, making a name for himself for his signature style of tough, driving, tech trance. His support from the A-listers was renewed in back in 2015 with his premier EP on Mark Sherry's Outburst Records, featuring power- charged tracks 'Rojo' & 'Dorado' receiving high praise world-wide with support from Armin van Buuren, John O'Callaghan, Aly & Fila, Bryan Kearney and many more and charting No.1 for trance releases in the first week of release. 

'Fly Away' has caught Paul van Dyk's attention and charged with the energy of VANDIT Next Generation, the glorious sounds of Jamie Walker will reach ears, hearts and charts around the world this Summer!

22.05 VANX003 Aerotek – ‘Dystopia Is My Utopia’

Aerotek is the alias for Chilean-born electronic music producer and DJ Stefano Giangrandi.

Aerotekt's musical journey begun in the late '90's, when his ears were presented with the inspiring beauty of electronica through Rom Di Prisco's soundtrack for Need For Speed. The sounds that glided into his ears that fateful evening made his heart pound fast. He had fallen in love.

Fast forward to the present day. Aerotek's trying to touch your heart and incite an emotion. To nurture. To inspire. And he does exactly that with this first release on VANDIT Next Generation - Dystopia Is My Utopia.

Coming soon:
05.06 VANX004 Aimoon – ‘Dream Stream’
19.06 VANX005 Jan Miller – ‘Sweets’
03.07 VANX006 Mhammed El Alami & Alex Wright – ‘L’esprit’
19.07 VANX007 Casey Rasch – ‘Forget About it’

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