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REVIEW: Justin Prime & We Are Loud - Drowning (Remixes) out on Armada Music

Building on the momentum generated by the original 'Drowning', Justin Prime and We Are Loud's masterpiece makes its welcome return through no less than four club-ravaging renditions. Thanks to Blinders, FLORALS, Rave Radio and Avedon, 'Drowning' has only just started making waves.

Dimitri Kechagias review:
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 [item value="10"]Justin Prime & We Are Loud - Drowning (Remixes)[/item]
 [content title="Summary" label="Overall Score"]Drowning by Justine Prime and We A re Loud returns with the excellent remix package. For the friends of trap house you will find 2 quite similar versions by Blinders, FLORALS, with slow tropical grooves, vocal snippets, nice melodies and strings and great hypnotic danceable rhythm.  Rave Radio version has a nice tropical style breakdown followed by aggressive dubstep infused trap house. Finally Avedon pitches down the vocal and creates an equally imaginative trap house version with slow calming breakdown followed by  quite aggressive in your face tsunami of rough bass and broken basslines. #PureFun [/content]

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