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INTERVIEW with upcoming trance singer Cassandra Grey by Alex Wright

Interview by Alex Wright
Showing plenty of promise in the last 12 months by releasing well-written, emotive songs such as 'Black Bird', 'Into the Unknown', and 'Darkest Light' alongside producers Gerome and Levekar is Cassandra Grey from Lebanon. I had a brief online chat with her to find out more about her inspiration and previous experience as a singer / vocalist.

Interview was written and conducted by Alex Wright, Electronic Music Producer & 1Mix Radio host.

Alex: Hey Cassandra, thanks for speaking to us at 1mix radio & FluxBPM Online! How have you been recently and what have you been up to?

Cassandra: Hello Alex! I’ve recently been swinging between my studies, my music debut, and my dancing hobby. Last summer I passed my entrance examination at the faculty of medicine at the Lebanese university and I am now a second year student. While focusing on my studies, I was rehearsing with my friends for the Latin dance competition in Lebanon which we won 1st place in two divisions. At the end of this month we are heading to Milano and for the first time, we, as crew, are going to perform a fusion dance representing Lebanese talent in one of the most important international festivals! Last but not least, I have been a vocalist member of the amazing Emergent Skies label family for the past year and I am currently working on various collaborations with my “partner in crime” Gerome and other talented producers such as Levekar & Derek Palmer. Some tracks are work in progress and others are yet to be announced.

Alex: How long have you been singing and what were your earliest inspirations to make you want to become a vocalist?

Cassandra Grey
Cassandra: Well, my answer may seem a little bit surprising but I am merely an amateur singer who happened to have a nice voice and an unexpected opportunity. I never really considered myself a professional singer neither a trance vocalist! I actually remember the first time I realised that I could sing was when I was home, trying to reach Adele’s beautiful high notes in “Rolling in the deep”. I haven’t taken any classes or received any vocal training before but I haven’t stopped singing since. I simply love it!  At first, I was mostly interested in pop, R&B, and Arabic music but when you have an older brother with an ear for trancy music and vocals, acquiring a taste for this exquisite genre is allegedly inevitable! I went from listening to tracks like 'In And Out Of Love', 'Rain (Cosmic Gate Remix)'”, Markus Schulz’s 'Nothing Without Me', to getting the entire Armin van Buuren album “Mirage” and Andrew Rayel’s amazing singles. I had been singing whenever and wherever I pleased but the idea of entering the music industry was the last of my expectations.  One night, out of nowhere, my brother calls me asking me to record a little something for Gerome, the black bird lyrics. Although disapproving at first, I eventually did it, and the outcome was far better than I presumed. As a matter of fact, this was my first step into the trance scene generally and the Emergent Skies (previously Elliptical Sun Energies) label particularly.

Alex: I love the lyrics to your song 'Black Bird', did you write these yourself and if so, do you always write lyrics yourself?

Cassandra: Thank you! Well Alex, for the first time I will reveal the secret behind my brilliantly-written lyrics: My brother Elias. As I already mentioned, I had no serious experience in singing or writing but he was so keen on helping me express myself that he was the one who encouraged me to become a vocalist in the first place. Without his and Gerome’s help I wouldn’t have been able to succeed in a domain I knew nothing about. So I solemnly thank them for all their hard work and I’m glad I've had the chance to mention this today.

Alex: Are you a big trance music fan? If so, who are your favourite artists within the Trance scene right now?

Cassandra Grey
Cassandra: I am not a big trance music fan who attends every concert, pre-orders every upcoming album, and listens to trance music 24/7.  I am a fan of every sound I like regardless of its genre because for me, music itself is pure inspiration. In fact, one of the reasons I am a trance vocalist is that the sound of my voice fits better in the dreamy side of trance music. Nevertheless, among all the artists within the trance scene my favorites are A.R.D.I, Cosmic Gate, Daniel Kandi, and of course Susana (her voice is out of this world)!

Alex: Have you got any new projects in the works and plans for the future relating to music?

Cassandra: Of course, I have many new projects in the works for this year, especially after my last collaboration with Danish producer Dennis Pedersen entitled “Painting Summer” which got the attention and interest of lots of producers and trance listeners out there. In addition, I plan on making some time for more singing lessons so I can really give the best of me to everyone who listens to my music. 

Alex: Awesome! Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us Cassandra, it's great to hear from you and I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors. Anybody wanting to buy a copy of any of Cassandra's tracks can do so on all stores now, if you haven't heard them yet make sure to take a listen to them within this interview!

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