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EVENT REVIEW: Trance Sanctuary presents Kearnage review by Alex Wright

Event Review by Alex Wright
On my journey down from Nottingham to London via the train, I was very excited to be attending Trance Sanctuary once again after last year's event which truly impressed me. Despite seeing many of the DJs play already at Luminosity Beach Festival this year, I knew the special atmosphere at Egg would provide an entirely unique clubbing experience, and to see Giuseppe Ottaviani play with his live set up for the first time was another thing which intrigued me. 

When entering The Garden area this time, as usual the layout had changed yet again to make this room the main focus of the event, with Mark Landragin, Menno de Jong, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Bryan Kearney, and Will Atkinson playing their sets here. I arrived on time at just after 3PM and managed to get a good chat with event team member James Rae about many things related to production and the scene in general, the floor filled up nicely over the first few hours as it was warmed up by tempting, slower progressive before building up to more main room sounds. Giuseppe Ottaviani was already seen checking out the DJ booth at this time, which was a surprise as he was due to play at around 6:30 but it was cool to see how keen he was to ensure his live setup would work properly.

Mark Landragin
At around 4:30, Mark Landragin took control of the decks and played some top-notch, groovy trance 2.0 sounds from labels like Anjunabeats, providing plenty of hands in the air moments and euphoria to gear us up for what was to come later that night. The highlights from him set were Josep's goosebump-inducing 'Love Spreadin'' (who was of course Will Atkinson who was to be performing later on), Jason Ross - Valor, and Kyau & Albert's euphoric 'Memory Lane'.

Menno de Jong
Once Mark's set was finished, Menno de Jong starting pumping out heavy psy and dark, melodic uplifting which had great hooks and energy. I really enjoyed this set as I always do with Menno's as his selection is full of class and fresh, high quality trance.

Giuseppe Ottaviani
At the end of Menno's set, I saw Giuseppe Ottaviani setting up from the front row and found it interesting to see what his setup consisted of. It was nice to hear parts of other tracks automated on top of others to switch things up to make the set more lively and unique, however the track selection wasn't my most favourite of the night to be honest.

Bryan  Kearny
Bryan Kearney took over after Giuseppe and played a mostly melodic set which had some nice vocal highlights including when I heard the acapella of DJ Shah Feat. Andrina Thorpe - Who Will Find Me? which I absolutely adore, however I was in more of a dirty, techno-ish mood myself so I was really looking forward to Will Atkinson's set who was up next.

Will Atkinson
Straight away when Will took charge of the decks, the rhythms were more infectious and free just the way I like them on a dancefloor, and I was particularly taken over by the later stages of his set where a couple of tribalish tunes were dropped including Paul Webster's banging take on Oliver - You're Not Alone which I hadn't previously heard before and worked brilliantly in the club. 'Numb The Pain' was also a big highlight which for me is one of the best produced and arranged uplifters around from recent years. 

This set was a brilliant way to end the night, however after trying to speak to Will Atkinson and other DJs in the VIP area and being turned away by the club manager and due to tickets being sold out my friends and I couldn't get in to the afterparty, so we got a taxi home early from what was another great, unique afternoon at one of the most well-presented trance events in the country.

All Photographs by Robert Stainforth published at the official Trance Sanctuary facebook page

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