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ADE 2016: This was my ADE, The first 2 days 18th & 19th of October

Amsterdam Dance Event 2016 edition was one of the biggest in size with many varied panels during the day in the various streams of the conference and during the night with wide variety of music events that covered all  the styles of electronic dance music today. From 18th of October until 23 rd of October Amsterdam was the place to be for anyone who may have an interest in electronic dance music industry with events covering music production and showcase of latest equipment or masterclasses techniques and tricks on how to produce tracks  to learn how to market, distribute, monetise and finally DJ and even set up your own record label. ADE 2016 offered opportunities to learn, network and communicate and of course be entertained at some super exciting events that were organised in small to large spaces in the  city of Amsterdam that was alive and kicking 24 hours during the days of ADE. Personally this was my 5th year at ADE and I must confess that I am always super excited to attend as you feel at the end of it so full of new experiences, new knowledge and information, new contacts and most importantly new ideas and new inspirations. My ADE 2016 started on Tuesday when I went to attend the Opening Debate that last years was very informative and this year seems to be the same. Speakers included Andy Blackett (Fabric, GB), Dave Clarke (GB) who was once again the chair of the panel, Laetitia Descouens (Decked Out, GB), Mirik Milan (NL), Molly Neuman (Kickstarter, US), Terry Weerasinghe (Beatport, GB) at  De Brakke Grond 

Wide variety of topics once again covered at the Opening Debate that the majority of them will be debated in detail in  the various panels during the main body of the conference and the various specialised streams.

Wednesday 18th of October was the first actual day of the conference with the main focus being Felix Merits, The Dylan and De Brakke Grond for the popular ADE Green stream that is all about sustainability and how electronic dance music festivals in particular can incorporate environmental friendly practises that will not disrupt the natural environment that usually take place during the summer.

Green Deal Presents Waste Free Festivals Tijl Couzy (Into the Great Wide Open, NL) / Paul Schurink (Green Deal, NL) / Lyke Poortvliet (Mysteryland, NL) / Thomas Sykora (Schoonship, NL) 13:15 - 14:00 / De Brakke Grond - G3 Panel Room

Happy Belly, Happy Planet, The Truth Behind Food Choices Jasper Goossen (Apenkooi Events, NL) / Chris Johnson (US) / Babette Porcelijn (Studio Babette Porcelijn, NL) / Linda Vermaat (Twentie Four, NL) / Martijn van de Walle (Ieperfest, BE) 14:00 - 15:00 / De Brakke Grond - G2 Panel Room

One of the most proactive charities during ADE is 10.000 hours with wide variety of actions that have as a purpose to make aware the electronic music fans of ways that they can get involved in charity work and help those who may need some extra support in society. The General Manager talks about the goals of 10.000 hours in this years ADE and how you can get involved as well. Watch it now.

The next stop was Felix Meritis and The Dylan that some incredible panels took place with very important and knowledgeable speakers. 

Mixmag Presents: Shifting the Diversity Dial Coco Cole (GB), William Djoko (UA), Gina Turner (US), Carlos Valdes (NL), Olga Zegers (NL) 14:30 - 15:30 / The Dylan - D2 Panel Room

China: A New Electronic Nation? Rainbow Gao (The Mansion, CN), Robin Leembruggen (Mad Panda, CN), MIIIA (DJ/Producer, CN), Paul Neuteboom (Modern Sky Entertainment, CN) 15:30 - 16:30 / Felix Meritis - F10 Panel Room

Millennials Under the Microscope: Part 1 Marketing to Millennials Bas Grasmayer (Music x Tech x Future, NL), Amy Jayne (Hospital Records, GB), Shane Mansfield (Ticketscript, GB), Siofra McComb (The Other Hand, GB), Luke Hood (AEI Media, GB) 16:30 - 17:15 / Felix Meritis - F5 Panel Room

AFEM Presents: Protect The Dance Floor Franzie Eichler (Extend Artists, DE), Hans Hess (The Egg, GB), Mirik Milan (Night Mayor of Amsterdam, NL), Alan Miller (NTIA, GB) 17:00 - 18:00 / Felix Meritis - F10 Panel Room

Millennials Under the Microscope: Part 2 The Artist As The Product Farhana Aboo (AEI Media, GB), Jamie Chalmers (Anglo Digital Management, GB), Meindert Kennis (Spinnin Records, NL), Ralf Kollmann (Mobilee Records, DE), Moderator; Brandon Ginsberg (Red Light Management, US) 17:15 - 18:00 / Felix Meritis - F5 Panel Room

European Digital Single Market. Deal or Dilemma? Martin Bailey (European Commission, BE), John Higgins (Digital Europe, US), John Mottram (PRS for Music, GB) 18:00 - 19:00 / The Dylan - D2 Panel Room

The first day at the conference has ended and from the night programme I decided to attend the ITWT Festival at WesterUnie. The whole night was devoted to uplifting trance with 3 stages of amazingly explosive sounds from the finest trance stars. with special guests Grotesque and Mental Asylum.

Coming next the third day at ADE ....Thursday 20th October

Thanks very much ADE crew and Clare at Global Publicity for the press accreditation!

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