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EVENT NEWS ALERT: Today, Saturday 20th August is time for Gatecrasher, The Reunion in Sheffield

Gatecrasher has been absent in Sheffield for just under a decade and this Reunion will not only signify that the lion roars again, stronger than ever but will lay the foundations for future. Careful time and planning has gone into bringing you the ultimate lineup that will satisfy those nostalgic urges for oldskool as well as the hunger for the most cutting edge Trance in 2016!

Gatecrasher Red & Black Arena
2100-2200 James Alexander
2200-2300 Airwave
2300-2400 John Kelly
2400-0130 Tall Paul & Seb Fontaine
0130-0300 Eddie Halliwell
0300-0400 M.I.K.E. Push Live
0400-0600 Scott Bond

Gatecrasher REBOOTED Arena
2100-2200 Danny Stubbs
2200-2300 Factor B
2300-2400 Neptune Project
2400-0130 Solarstone
0130-0300 Scott Bond
0300-0430 Jordan Suckley
0430-0600 Indecent Noise

Tickets here: http://www.gatecrasher.com/#event_id=t2plpzbl

Open Times - 9PM -6AM

Area Sheffield 1 Burgess Square S1 2HF

Additional info: