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EVENT REVIEW (via twitter): Gatecrasher, The Reunion, 20th August 2016 in Sheffield

Gatecrasher is considered one of the hottest brands in UK with global impact and worldwide respect. On Saturday 20th of August the lions of the well known Gatecrasher brand roared once again for the REUNION in a sold out night with long cues outside from the club and totally packed venue inside. Excellent decoration, brilliant laser shows, and fantastic dj sets by the likes of  James Alexander, Airwave, legendary John Kelly, Tall Paul & Seb Fontaine, Eddie Halliwell, M.I.K.E. Push Live, two dj sets by at the main arena and the REBOOTED arena by Scott Bond while on Gatecrasher REBOOTED Arena, Danny Stubbs, Factor B, Neptune Project, Solarstone, Jordan Suckley and  Indecent Noise. It was certainly a night to remember with the followers of this megaclub brand wearing t-shirts showcasing their love for Gatecrasher. Great excitement all night from younger to older generations of clubbers who were treated first class with unique atmosphere and most importantly magical trance sets to keep the fire burning in the picturesque city of Sheffield. Through twitter I did a short review of the event and here you can read all  the posts and watch the short videos too. Thanks to Paula and Rich Solastone as well  the Gatecrasher crew for having me and I can definitely recommend the Birthday event of Gatecrasher 15/10/2016. Be there and trippin the light fantastic...

Gatecrasher 23rd Birthday- GC23.LED

Gatecrasher REBOOTED Arena
Paul Oakenfold (Flouro Set)
Sean Tyas
Alex M.O.R.P.H
Scott Bond
James Alexander
Special Guest - Magnus

23 Years Of Gatecrasher Arena 
Paul Oakenfold 23 Years of Gatecrasher Set
Judge Jules 1998-2000 set
Scott Bond & Matt Hardwick B2B 3 Hrs
Guy Ornadel
Riley & Durrant

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