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ADE 2016: Five RADION nights added to the ADE program

Actress, Boris, Funkineven, Objekt, Prins Thomas, and Theo Parrish are among the artists that will be present in Amsterdam's west side from ADE's Wednesday through to Sunday.

After the recent announcement of the ADE SLEEP/OVER and the the latest additions to the ADE Next program, it is time to reveal another line-up for ADE's festival.

RADION is one of the many go-to places worth visiting while at ADE. In the former faculty of dentistry you can find a good vibe and stunning rooms. The cultural complex has been an official ADE location since 2014 and for the 2016 edition, RADION will join forces with Resident Advisor, Our Society, Bloc. London & Banlieue, Reclaim Your City, Fest & XXX and Higgs.

The Reclaim Your City concept from Berlin will bring the likes of Boris, Ron Albrecht and Shlømo. Dutch representation will come from Mirella Kroes and Doka. On Thursday, Fest collaborates with XXX and will invite Prins Thomas, Solar and Afrobot amongst others. Bloc. London and Banlieue partner up and present Minimal Wave with names ranging from Ryan Elliott and Joey Anderson to Das Ding and Clairvoyance. The weekend is covered by Resident Advisor on Saturday and Our Society on Sunday night. The latter will see Theo Parrish performing all night long.

Besides hosting two days of Breakfast Club on ADE's Saturday and Sunday, here is what Radion has in store for you:

Reclaim Your City
Boris / Ron Albrecht / Volte-Face / Shlømo / Anetha / Doka b2b Mirella Kroes
| Wednesday October 19, 11 pm - 7 am. Tickets: € 17,50 + service fee, available here.

Fest & XXX
Prins Thomas / Massimiliano Pagliara / Solar / Discodromo / Moscoman / Honey Soundsystem / SHMLSS / Afrobot
| Thursday October 20, 11 pm - 7 am. Tickets: € 17,50 + service fee, available here.

Higgs ADE
T.I.M. / Carma Collectiv
| Friday October 21, 8 pm - 12 am. Free entrance.

Bloc. London x Banlieue presents Minimal Wave
Ryan Elliott / Joey Anderson / Sterac / Funkineven / Titia / Traxx / Veronika Vasicka / Broken English Club / Das Ding / Clairvoyance
| Friday October 21, 10 pm - 8 am. Tickets: € 20 + service fee, available here.

Resident Advisor Night
Onur Özer / Actress / Objekt / Map.ache / rRoxymore / Palmbomen II / Suzanne Kraft / Beautiful Swimmers
| Saturday October 22, 10 pm - 8 am. Tickets: € 17,50 + service fee, available here.

Our Society presents Theo Parrish All Night
Theo Parrish / Byron the Aquarius / Wendel Sield
| Sunday October 23, 9 pm - 7 am. Tickets: € 20 + service fee, available here.

Photo credits: Koen Peters

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