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FESTIVAL NEWS: Nature One 2016, 5 – 7 August, The best time of the year

22nd NATURE ONE from 5 – 7 August on the Pydna missile base. 65,000 visitors are expected to converge on the Pydna missile base near Kastellaun from 5 to 7 August for Germany’s largest festival for  electronic music. “Robin Schulz”, “Paul van Dyk”, “Sven Väth”, “Adam Beyer”, “Laidback Luke”, “Chris Liebing” and “Sander van Doorn” are just some of the top acts that will be playing for four days and three nights. With “red dancing flames” as its motto, the event will see over 350 DJs and live acts on no fewer than 23 stages. And it all gets going as early as the Thursday (4 August) with the “MixeryOpening” in the “CampingVillage”.

Nature One 2016
“red dancing flames” is the motto for the 22nd NATURE ONE being held on the Pydna missile base near Kastellaun in the Hunsrück region from 5 to 7 August. “Red for the love, dancing for the music
and flames for the passion,” as it says on the NatureOne home page. And the love and enthusiasm for the largest electronic festival in Germany is still unbroken even after 20 years: NATURE ONE has been sold out the last two years. This year is expected to see 65,000 visitors as well. 

   The fans can look forward to over 350 DJs on any one of 23 floors. The central “OpenAirFloor” will play host to international top acts such as “Laidback Luke”, “Markus Schulz”, “Sander van Doorn”, “R3HAB” and “Moguai”. What is surely going to be a highlight here is Robin Schulz’s gig. Hits such as “Sugar” and “Prayer in C”, several Echo Awards, a Grammy nomination and over 20 gold and platinum awards have elevated him to a global superstar. 

The best time of the year
“Century Circus”, the second largest floor, will be housed in a 10-masted marquee for the first time and thus be some 25% larger than last year. And that means more space for everyone to celebrate with artists like “Sven Väth”, “Adam Beyer”, “Dave Clarke” and “Chris Liebing”. In addition to the four “headfloors”, event organisers, labels and club operators from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium will be showcasing their artists and sounds on 19 “club floors”, including such heavyweights as “Masters of Hardcore”, “abstract”, “Dirty Workz” and “Acid Wars”. Making it really special: the floors are in and on the former missile bunkers so there’s either club feeling between metre-thick concrete walls for a couple of hundred visitors or a fantastic view over the festival site from the ten-metre-high bunkers.Trance, drum'n'bass, techno, house and hardcore – the floors cover the entire gamut of electronic music. The clubs themselves are responsible for the programme and format. The line-up consists of resident DJs of the clubs, newcomers and established stars such as “Miss K8”, “AKA AKA”, “Klaudia Gawlas”, “Marco Bailey” and “Psyko Punkz”.  

Nature One, 5-7 August 2016
To enjoy the festival feeling to the full, many visitors actually arrive on the Thursday. Camping on the 100-hectare expanses of the campsite is part of the NatureOne feeling for them. “For many visitors NATURE ONE is the best time of the year. They start planning and organising months in advance. Hundreds of spontaneous parties spring up in the CampingVillage as countless hobby DJs fire up their own sound systems. You’ll only see that at NATURE ONE,” says event organiser I-Motion’s Oliver Vordemvenne. The kick-off for NATURE ONE “red dancing flames” is also in the CampingVillage, at the traditional “MixeryOpening” at 8pm on the Thursday. As in the previous years, admission to the CampingVillage is only possible with a valid festival ticket. There were no particular problems to speak of last year with the traffic to and from the event site. “The revamped traffic scheme worked very smoothly and will be in place again this time. We’re also going to continue investing in the CampingVillage’s infrastructure,” explains Oliver Vordemvenne from IMotion. A shuttle coach service from Koblenz main station to Pydna is being provided for those not planning to come by car. The first coaches will be leaving as early as 12 noon on the Thursday and then every 20 minutes after that until 12 midnight.

NATURE ONE „red dancing flames“ 05.-07.08.2016, Raketenbasis Pydna, Kastellaun/Hunsrück 

LineUp Mainfloors, OpenAirFloor, Century Circus, House of House, Classic Terminal

The camping village at Nature One
Adam Beyer (Stockholm), AKA AKA feat. Thalstroem -live- (Berlin), Alex M.O.R.P.H. b2b Woody van Eyden (Bochum), ALOK (Brasilia), Andy Düx (Mainz), Bassface Sascha (Mannheim), Boris Brejcha (Frankenthal), Butch (Mainz), Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo (Amsterdam), Chris Liebing (Frankfurt), Christian Gerlach (Koblenz), Cuebrick (Stuttgart), Danielle Diaz (Ulm), Dany Rodriguez (Lüttich), Dave Clarke (Amsterdam), Dave202 (Zürich), David K. (Leipzig), Deepend (Amsterdam), DJ Dag (Frankfurt), DJ Toyax (Haarlem), Dominik Eulberg (Westerwald), FEDER (Paris), Felix Kröcher (Frankfurt), Flug (Barcelona), FRDY (Weeze), Gestört aber GeiL (Erfurt), HEYHEY (Ruhr-Area), HUGEL (Marseille), Jonathan Kaspar (Köln), Klaudia Gawlas (Passau), Laidback Luke (Amsterdam), LCAW (München), Len Faki (Berlin), Marco Bailey (Brüssel), Mark ’Oh (Ruhr-Area), Markus Schulz (Miami), Miss Djax (Eindhoven), Moguai (Ruhr-Area), Moonbootica (Hamburg), NatureOne Inc. -live-, Neelix (Hamburg), Nico Pusch (Rostock), Ostblockschlampen (Leipzig), Pappenheimer (Würzburg), Paul van Dyk (Berlin), Pingpong (Dresden), R3HAB (Breda), Raphael Dincsoy (Stuttgart), Ravers Nature -live- (Hof), Robin Schulz (Osnabrück), Sam Paganini (Treviso), Sander van Doorn (Eindhoven), Slam -live- (Glasgow), Stefan Dabruck (Frankfurt), sunshine live DJ Team (Mannheim), Sven Väth (London), Talla 2XLC (Frankfurt), Tom Novy (Zürich), Tom Swoon (Goleniów), Torsten Kanzler (Berlin).

                                                              LineUp Clubfloors

Tunnel Club Hamburg at Nature One
Miss K8, Psyko Punkz, Noize Suppressor, Wasted Penguinz, AKA AKA, Marco Bailey, Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Woody van Eyden, Deepack, Ben Nicky, Klaudia Gawlas, Tha Playah, Torsten Kanzler, Niereich, BMG, Talla 2XLC, PETDuo, DJ Emerson, Nosferatu, Unexist, Pappenheimer, Stefan Dabruck, Kerstin Eden, Sven Wittekind, Flug, Markus Suckut, Stephan Hinz (DJ-Set), Hanne & Lore, Jay Frog, 2Elements, Björn Torwellen, Keith Carnal, Mikael Jonasson, Alex Bau, A.Paul, Minupren, Zahni -live-, Sebastian Groth, Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink, F-Noize, Thorax, Bodyshock, Negative A, Re-Style, Crossfiyah, Hard Driver, Tensor & Re-Direction, DJ Falk, Sandy Warez, Bartoch, Sutura, Masters Of Noise, Bassface Sascha, O.B.I. vs. Julyukie, Stormtrooper, Holgi Star, Christian Gerlach, Linus Quick -live-, Drauf & Dran, Man at Arms, Sorgenkint, Kevin Witt, TerrorClown, Matt Mus, Simo Lorenz, Hours, Mani Tehrani, Jaycut, Kolt Siewerts, Distiller, System Overload, DGeorge, Marius Lehnert, Benjamin R., Deerk Hollaender, Philipp Ruhmhardt, Sandro Marques, Furyan, Bass-D, J.D.A., Decipher, Meltdown, Death by Design, Potato, Khaoz Engine, MC Tha Watcher, Frank Sonic, Chris Hirose, Lukas Stern, OneTWIN, Sephyx, Phuture Noize, NSCLT, In-Phase, Lowriderz, Sylence, Wave Pressure, Blasco, Fanatics, Pat B, Neroz, Mahe, G-Style Brothers, Criminal Pandaz, MC I SEE, DJ Steve X, The Airwolf, DJ Doom, Wavestorm, Party Bombe, Madness M, DJ Maniac, DJ Trust C, Comfort Boyz, DJ Magnus, Dr. Xclusive, DJ Vivid, The Bass Crawler, DJane Sounic, DJ Corehead, DJ Texx, DJ Inside Visage, DJ Sven E, DJ Merlin, The Patriotz, DJ Cyre, Chris Deelay, NeoTekkZ, Lost Identity, Andrew Barclay, André Bergmann, Marc Wall.E, Dan-G, Mechanic Freakz & MoBisch, Mimalogic, Adam Keen & Dirtywell, Roland B, JulieZ, StereoVision, Vandal!sm, Madnezz, Quitara, Nikkel, Chok Dee, Axel Erator, Ysiss, Nocturnal Ritual, X-Treme, Ron & Baby Raw, Paranoid, Stolen Cult, Hellter Skellter, The Vinylraider, MC M-Core, Jonas Rech, Tobi Neubauer, Mark Tourneur, Marcel Niveau, Danny Reebo, Mike More, Markus Schneider, Ninito, 
The view from above at Nature One
Steffen König, Andi Teller, Epyleptika, Gockel, Ochs & Klick, Olle, Ewe, Corti Organ, Chris Bekker, Maarten de Jong, Cold Blue, Maria Healy, Misja Helsloot, CARINA, Sun & Set, Alex Ryan, KUNERT, Ben Dursley, Hywel Matthews, Pascal Sander, Wanja & Norris Terrify, Crotekk, Unravel -live-, Dave Ryder, JonAsher, Jan Liefhebber, Die Gebrüder Brett, Philipp Dengler alias ejected soul, Dirty Basscore -live-, D.R. Schracid, Der Kaiser, Lunatic & Japz, Scanhost:59 -live-, T.S.B.i.N., Divouse AM & Chadone, Da Hunter & The incredible Papst, Oelig, ACiDC, Marcos del Sol, Toy-o, Music P & Marque Aurel, Andrew the Grand, Tony Garcia, Azzuro, Mike Kay, Rick Even, Ninette, Tom H, Tiefenrausch, Suicide Toast, KE:NT, Johny Blaze, Franky Fiction, Smoon, Baeisi, Pfeffy, Kopfkino 3D, Bluehouse, Chookie, Fräggel, Ben Gala, Hotte, Käry, Miss Mo, Olek, Paytric, Simon Phinixx, Simoné, Stereochemie, Chris Wacup, ZØE b2b Special Guest, Roman Weber, High Density, Crazy Sonic, Reyney K, Simi S, Klanglabor, Fran Key & D3AD_ID, PTR, Nemic, se3k & Benn, N-Violent, Crazy DJ, Todd Galano, Lekko, DJ Nylz, Michael.Gre, Timbo, Oliver Magenta, T.M.O, Rob van O, Alex Greed, Chris Rocka, Xee, Andreas Mann, DenYa, Said Omar, Neil Richter, Madison Pure, Alexander Weinstein, Chich Modulhertz, Chris Kleinmann, Robert Egenolf, Dompe, Marv, Daniel Boon, Stereo Jack, DeKai, Agent!, DKULT b2b P!PA, M-zine & Scepticz, Hi:Radiation, Ace & S-Capade, Immersion, SubMarine, TJ, Rogue Kid, Void, Maxington, Chris Rye, Brian Brainstorm, Makah, DJ Schorsch, Rascal MC, MC Brother Charity, Fusion Bros -live-, Miss Nat-h-Lee, Eastone, Fränky de Reuter, Chich, Jay Deep, Alex Heide b2b Riven, AL-x, Waztoo, T.T. Hacky, Pikay b2b Jihay, RPPB, MadfreaX, Sav b2b Toni Panza, Tasso & Mitch, Spoony

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