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EVENT NEWS: Watch online indicative selection of panels that took place at BMC2016

Brighton Music Conference 2016 (BMC16) has been hailed as a resounding success. The third year of the two day event, which took place last week at Brighton Dome, saw conference attendees (ticketed) increase by 69% on 2015. 

Across Thursday 14th April and Friday 15th April, BMC16 talks and panels featured speakers from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, Vine, Spotify, Kobalt, Native Instruments, Beatport, Coda, AFEM, NTIA, Mixcloud, Toolroom, Hospital, Believe Digital, Pioneer, Korg, Roland, PRS, BIMM, AEI Media, Shogun Audio, GAK Audio, Wunderground, and many more, with the conference programme split between the professional and academy theatres.

Brighton Music Conference in their official You Tube channel are uploading some of the most interesting panels that took place in this years conference and if you are interested in music industry you should take some time and watch them to learn and get inspired. Of course don't forget that the best thing is to be there and be able to ask and challenge the speakers with your own strong well founded views. 

STEALING OUR OWN SUCCESS: Are DJs accidentally killing sales?
As more and more illegal ’subscription download stores' emerge retailing tracks without label permission and without profits going back into the hands of creators, are the DJs who use these services unwittingly killing their own industry?

Moderator | Mark Lawrence (CEO; AFEM)
Panelists | Ben Rush (CEO; Audio Lock), Jack Bridges (European Account Manager; Beatport) & Stuart Knight (Managing Director; Toolroom Records)

With our thirst for video ever-increasing, video will be a more important marketing and advertising medium than ever in 2016 and beyond. From live-streaming, 360 degree videos and virtual reality to the new generation of social media stars native to the likes of YouTube, Vine, Periscope, Instagram and so on - what revenue streams are there for the dance music industry in video content? Can YouTube make subscriptions work? And after a backlash in 2015 regarding payouts, how can YouTube redefine its role in music marketing?

Moderator | Mark Mulligan (Founder, MD & Analyst; Midia Research)
Panelist | Claire Mas (Head of Digital; Communion Music Group), Farhana Aboo (Marketing Manager; AEI Media), Patrick Ross (Head of Digital Marketing; AWAL & Kobalt Label Services) & Paul Chivers (Brand Partnerships; Twitter, Periscope & Vine)

Is there a magic formula for making a label work - or is down to timing, taste, and a dose of luck?

Moderator | Chris Goss (Managing Director; Hospital Records)
Panelists | Adam Woolf (Label Manager; Critical), Jon Rundell (Director ; Intec), Matt King (Label Manager; Skint/BMG) & Ralf Kollmann (Owner; Mobilee)

The issues faced by women in the music industry have been regularly discussed and debated over the last few years, however we have yet to start building a strategy to tackle the problem. What initiatives can organisations in the music industry implement to ensure that women are a priority at all levels? How can we hold organisations in music accountable in terms of addressing biases and discrimination, and demanding changes on issues like equal paid leave, equal pay and equal representation on boards? How can men in the music industry get behind changes, and work together with women to ensure that the workforce is more gender diverse?

Moderator | Carly Wilford (Presenter, DJ & Creator; IAmMusic & Sister)
Panelists | Alison Wenham (CEO; AIM), Halina Wielogorska (Solicitor; Clintons), Lucy Blair (Director; Motive Unknown) & Ralf Kollmann (Owner; Mobilee)

Moderator | Carl Loben (Editor; DJ Magazine)
Panelists | Adam Savage (PR; Backdrop Promotions), Friction (Managing Director, Shogun Audio), Icicle (Artist; Shogun Audio), Keir Tyrer (Managing Director; Shogun Audio) & Richard Snow (Label Manager; Shogun)

Club closures is an important issue affecting our scene. Towards the end of 2015, there was a media feeding frenzy on club closures after it was reported that 50% of the UK’s nightclubs have closed since 2005. The mainstream media took the release of these figures as a cue to suggest that young people didn’t want to go to clubs anymore. 
Is this true, or is the threat to UK clubs more complex than that? How are restrictive licensing regulations and the attitudes of the authorities affecting these important breeding grounds for electronic music talent? This keynote panel looks at how to Protect The Dancefloor/Save Our Clubs…

Moderator | Carl Loben (Editor; DJ Magazine)
Panelists | Alan Miller (Chairman; NTIA), Hans-Christian Hess (Promotions & International Marketing Manager; Egg London), John Ross (Owner; Mothership Group) & Mark Lawrence (CEO; AFEM)

Brighton Music Conference is a meeting ground for leading industry professionals and future entrepreneurs, artists, DJs, creatives, and beyond. BMC Professional connect music with business, bringing together industry thought leaders through a series of panels to discuss the future sustainable growth of the Electronic Music Industry, targeted networking events and access to an evening schedule of events and parties across Brighton. BMC Academy is about plugging in the next generation and fostering new talent via a series of master classes, panels and talks. Both tickets give access to a two-day exhibition with tech showcases panels and interviews.

We’re really pleased to have substantially grown the Brighton Music Conference again for its third year. We felt there was a real need for a new kind of music conference in the UK, and the success of BMC16 has shown that the electronic music and wider tech industries have really embraced our new concept. The calibre of attendees rivals any conference in the world and Brighton provides a unique setting for our UK and international partners. Now the work starts for 2017 and we’re looking forward to growing BMC for its fourth year and beyond.”