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INTERVIEW with Stuart Knight, Director of Toolroom records at BMC 2016

Stuart Knight at Stealing Our Own Success panel at BMC 2016
During the  very successful Brighton Music Conference 2016, on Friday 15th of April, the well-known UK house "institution" Toolroom records, has organised at Dead Wax Social, the whole day event Toolroom Academy that included production technique seminars, demo drops and dj sets from the most well known Toolroom artists such as Prok and Fitch and Funkagenda. We approached Stuart  Knight, Director of Toolroom records and we requested an interview with him and we are glad that he accepted the challenge for our interview that you can watch right here and right now. We asked him about his personal participation at the advisory board of BMC and the Toolroom involvement at this years BMC with Toolroom Academy. He explained to us the whole schedule of Toolroom Academy and the purpose of the various sessions. He further expressed the view that Brighton is the perfect place for an Electronic Music Conference in UK that was missing and BMC comes to fill this gap. We talked extensively about Toolroom records and the releases scheduled for the next few months, he reveals his favourite house music subgenre and he explains why Toolroom has expanded into releasing their excellent samples libraries series that djs and producers use extensively. What is more we discussed the future plans for Toolroom records, and how the brand can expand in the future. Of course he tell us about Toolroom plans for the coming summer period in Ibiza. Lastly we could  not resist the temptation to ask him about his relationship with his brother and house legend Mark Knight and how this relationship may affect the record label. It's definitely an eye opening interview that you should press play and enjoy his brilliant answers!

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About Brighton Music Conference
Brighton Music Conference is a meeting ground for leading industry professionals and future entrepreneurs, artists, DJs, creatives, and beyond. BMC Professional connect music with business, bringing together industry thought leaders through a series of panels to discuss the future sustainable growth of the Electronic Music Industry, targeted networking events and access to an evening schedule of events and parties across Brighton. BMC Academy is about plugging in the next generation and fostering new talent via a series of master classes, panels and talks. Both tickets give access to a two-day exhibition with tech showcases panels and interviews.

We’re really pleased to have substantially grown the Brighton Music Conference again for its third year. We felt there was a real need for a new kind of music conference in the UK, and the success of BMC16 has shown that the electronic music and wider tech industries have really embraced our new concept. The calibre of attendees rivals any conference in the world and Brighton provides a unique setting for our UK and international partners. Now the work starts for 2017 and we’re looking forward to growing BMC for its fourth year and beyond.” 

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