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REVIEW: Mucho Stylez - Reboot Syndrome out on Blu Fin records

No he's not Spanish...

Mucho Stylez was born in Davos or otherwise known as WEF-Town,after that he lived in Verona, Munich, Cologne, Bonn, New York City, Paris and now Zurich. Every step of the way, in a new city, a new country a new continent, he got inspired by the music of the local musicians and understood the cultural difference in music.

His first tracks came out on Eric Powell's Bush Record in 2000, called Elite, Chrome and Organica. After Kosmo Rec. (Munich), Jelly Bean Records (NY), Mucho lives in Zurich now..

He says: Leaps in technology and a completely turned over records business is too much fun not to move forward with it.

Let’s find out together what will happen. Blu Fin Records will soon play a part in it for starters.

Dimitri Kechagias review: In a fast moving world that labels come with a big bang and disappear after some releases Blu Fin is one of those labels that manage to establish itself as quality techno label which is respected and well known all over the world and in 2015 celebrates 10 magical years in the underground techno scene. Blu Fin supports amazing talents like Mucho Stylez who is going to surprise you with his forward thinking mentality and his great track Reboot Syndrome. It's one of those hybrid tracks that is difficult to define in which style belongs as it includes elements of techno, house and even trance. With bouncy chunky techy groove, hi-nrg funky basslines, trancy aha voices and sharp aggressive synth riff which recall Thomas Heckman electrified techno monsters Reboot Syndrome is refreshingly spaced out and  futuristic too. It has great danceable rhythm, hypnotic electronic melodies, xylophone themes and impressive atmosphere. The package includes the Not In Service Edit that is very similar with the original with the addition of fantastic spoken vocal sample that works wonderfully within the brilliant soundscape that Mucho Stylez has composed for our enjoyment and immediate escape on the dancefloor! 100% Melodic Techno Hymn, Love It

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