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REVIEW: DJ Clock feat. Beatenberg Pluto (Remember You) (FlicFlac /Western Disco Club Version) on Universal Music

Pluto (Remember You) by DJ Clock feat. Beatenberg has secured his place in the African music history: No other song has been so successful run in the South African Radio: Since 17 weeks at # 1 on the airplay charts and no end in sight! 

Pluto (Remember You) is a collaboration of the African house producers DJ Clock and the indie pop band Beatenberg.

Beatenberg is made up of three young gentlemen: Singer and guitarist Matthew Fields, bassist Ross Dorkin and drummer Robin Birk. Her breakthrough celebrated with their debut single Chelsea Blakemore (2013), they appeared on all the major South African festivals and opened in January 2014 in front of 15,000 people for Bastille in Johannesburg.

Dimitri Kechagias review: One of the biggest tracks for 2014 is coming from South Africa. The Europe is getting ready for the phenomenon that is Pluto (Remember You) by Dj Clock featuring Beatenberg. The brand new remixes add more energy and rhythm to the tropical exotic original version. First of all the magnificent Austrian duo FlicFlac service the deep eclectic house remix with chunky grooves, deep basslines, rock guitar riffs, cinematic strings and most importantly the brilliant vocals that stay in your mind once you hear them. Very emotional track with irresistible rhythm and funky groove that manage easily to absorb you in its microworld and start daydreaming your summer holidays. Western Disco remix continues on the same deep house path way. It starts with the cool guitar riffs that sound very exotic and tropical and then moves on even deeper directions with abstract beats, bubbly basslines and overall smooth laidback relaxing atmosphere that will calm your senses and make you feel peaceful and optimistic. Feel good remixes that will turn this track into the huge mainstream hit all over the world and maybe the biggest South African single in the history of pop music. #PureGold Love It 

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