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In Depth Interview with Jon Bourne about his latest release Budapest / Cactus on Big Toys Production

The renowned Hungarian DJ and Producer Jon Bourne is releasing on Big Toys Production/Freegrant Music his two top notch tracks  Budapest / Cactus already supported by Ferry Corsten and JES to name just a few. We are very glad that Jon has taken some time out of his busy life to reply in our questions and get to know him deeper and better. This is an in depth interview with Jon Bourne. 

Dimitris: When did you start your involvement with electronic dance music and which music style you are more affiliated with and why?

Jon Bourne: I started everything in 2014. Trance was the biggest impact on me.

Dimitris: Did you had the opportunity to attend any kind of music production course or are u completely self taught? Do you consider that is essential for any artist to complete any production course?

Jon Bourne: Completely independently. Autodidact.

Dimitris: In which label was your first ever release and how did you manage to attract the attention of the label?

Jon Bourne: The first release ever was on Alter Ego under the name 'Jon Bourne'. That label was my favorite. So, I was very happy for that.

Dimitris: Please pick for us your Top 5 tracks that you have produced and you consider them as being highly important for the progress of your career.

Jon Bourne: Definitely, the first one is: 'Waterloo'

Second one is: 'Ride Your Pony'

Third: 'Fuerteventura'

Forth: 'Piroska'

Fifth: 'Piccadilly Circus'

Dimitris: Let's focus on your latest release Budapest / Cactus on Big Toys Production. Please tell us from where did you got the inspiration for the track and what kind of music influences is including?

Jon Bourne: Well, i love people also i'm in love with the capital city of Hungary, Budapest. Sometimes i just go outside and try to suck the atmosphere, voices, smells into myself. These are my great ''secrets'' :) 

Dimitris: How long it took you to produce it and was an easy or difficult process?If you have faced any difficulties please tell us about them and how did you resolved them?

Jon Bourne: Usually, its easy to me. I just open the DAW and try to do a best from me. Sometimes working, sometimes definitely not. If i have some problem with the actual track I just leave that a few hours and try to do something another thing. I think that is working fine.

Dimitris: Which was the biggest challenge that you faced during the production of this superb track?

Jon Bourne: Definitely the making of vocal chops. Hours and hours sometimes.

Dimitris: Can you describe to us the steps that you went through the production of this track and of any other track?

Jon Bourne: Well, this is a very very big 'factory' with many and many artists and tracks. Everytime we try to do our best in productions. The point is humility.

Dimitris: When the track finished did the label accepted it as it was produced or did the label recommend you to do some changes or fix certain things?

Jon Bourne: They are usually accepted.

Dimitris: Is this track an original composition or is it based on a template from another track produced from you or another producer?

Jon Bourne: Both track are original composition.

Dimitris: Is the quality of this track higher than your previous one? If yes in what ways this track sounds better than your previous one?

Jon Bourne: I am never satisfied with the sound. Not easy for sure but I'm always try the best. Just step by step.. :)

Dimitris: Do you have any friends or relatives that you send them the track before sending it to a label or if you are DJ did you test it in your gigs? If yes did you have to do any alterations as a result of the crowd reaction?

Jon Bourne: Yes of course! After when im ready with the track i send the actual one to my great friends to listen.

Dimitris: Please describe to us the studio that you have produced the track? What is your favourite hardware and software set up? Do you have in mind any new gear that you wish to get in order to raise the quality of your production?

Jon Bourne:  It is my life! :D Incredible DAW for sure so that is my choice if we are talking about DAW. If favorite VST(i) then it is Spire. Professional weapon! :)

Dimitris: Do you master the track yourself or the mastering is task for the record label? Do you understand mastering as being essential?

Jon Bourne:  NO! Always the publisher!

Dimitris: There is a growing trend of vinyl coming back for good. Would you like to see this track released on vinyl or any other of your future tracks? Do you prefer digital files or vinyl?

Jon Bourne: Vinyls are great. Really old school! I love both and yes, I'd like to see one of my track on vinyl. :D

Dimitris: Do you have any future releases planned and when will be released?

Jon Bourne:  Yes, I'm working now on my next. Also another 3 tracks signed already on great labels. (Alter Ego, Freegrant, Arkham Digital etc..) So I'm positive.

Dimitris: Please note down your favourite Top 5 tracks at this moment!

Jon Bourne:  1. ATB - I' dont wanna stop

2. ATB - Long Way Home

3. Delerium - Silence (Tiesto Mix)

4. Maor Levi - Life inside the cube

5. Mr Andre - Arian (Sollito mix)

Dimitris: Do you produce a radio show/podcast as well? Please tell us here all the details about it. If you don't have one please tell us why you don't think is important for your career.

Jon Bourne: Will do but still later. :)

Dimitris: Best piece of advice you got in relation to your career so far and best tip you learnt recently to make your tracks better.

Jon Bourne: Balanced life! That is enough!

Dimitris: Please give us here your tips or more elaborated advice for any new artists who may read this interview and wish to get involved with the electronic music industry.

Jon Bourne: I think what you need is patience and humility. If these has its you will win!

Dimitris: There is a big movement for revival of classic tracks and as a result of this retro events have boomed with music policy of solely classic tracks. What is your opinion about events or stages only with classics and can you choose for us your absolute 3 favourite classics?

Jon Bourne: 
1. Delerium - Silence (Tiesto Mix)

2. ATB - 9PM (Till I Come)

3. Armin van Buuren - Burned with Desire

Dimitris: Please give us your messages for our readers?

Jon Bourne: I just want to say thank you guys for this interview and dear readers or fans who are you there outside Stay Tuned! More tracks coming from my ''industry'' ! :) Big fat kisses!  Jon.

Thanks to Jon for answering this interview!

Thanks to Freegrant Music / Big Toys Productions for arranging this interview.

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