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Best of 2018 Interview with producer Emanuele Congeddu

As the original creator of 'Energetic Emotional Trance', the Italian virtuoso that is Emanuele Congeddu has quickly established himself as a rising force of talent within the entire Uplifting Trance community. Throughout his young career, he has gained support from iconic Trance music leaders such as Armin Van Buuren and Aly & Fila, and his fluent mastery between beautiful Orchestral themes and colossal basslines combine his signature Uplifting sound with enough power and depth to dominate large scale event.In his own words, his music, "is an experiment; a fusion of Uplifting Trance with deep, emotional melodies that's interwoven between gleaming layers of pure energy".In the future, he is set on perfecting his euphoric Uplifting style while continuously incorporating vividly detailed sound environments within his future projects. His emotional depth towards his appreciation of life continues to invoke the minds of many passionate fans who seek his music as an escape from reality towards pure, musical discovery. 

Dimitris: Can you mention your biggest music career achievements in 2018?

Emanuele Congeddu: The Legend Paul Van Dyk playing my track with Danny Rayel "Stardust Till Dawn" in the Official FIFA fan zone in Moscow!! What an Amazing Surprise!!

Dimitris: Can you rate 2018 for you as a year with 1 being very bad until 10 that is perfect year!

Emanuele Congeddu: 8 very good year. Only 2 Tracks released in 2018 but a very good year becouse I found again the inspiration I had lost in these last years!! 2019 will be a perfect year!

1) Best 3 Tracks from other artists in 2018, please give us a short comment for each track:

Emanuele Congeddu: Darren Porter - Inertia. Darren always know how trance music should to be, Inertia is an absolute favourite this year for me and it will inspire me for next productions!

The Noble Six - Black Lotus . An incredible Masterpiece!! What a Melody!! What a Feeling!!

Giuseppe Ottaviani - Till The Sunrise, I love all Giuseppe tracks especially this one!What a bomb!!

2) Your 3 Best of 2018 personal productions, give us more background info about them:

Emanuele Congeddu "Orbital 99". My TechLifting Trance style, Old School inspired, dedicated to my passion for videogames, more to come into this style i always love produce these kind of tracks!!

Achelois (with Danny Rayel). Techlifting Trance with emotional melodies, my main Trance style, a very classic of my Discography, this is the evolution of my really well know 2013/2014 Emotional Trance Music!!

3) Best Artist in 2018(DJ & producer) please explain why you pick him/her up:

Emanuele Congeddu: Giuseppe Ottaviani A real Trance music legend for me, every day more, especially because he is coming from Italy like me, where trance music totally not exist!! :(

4) Best Remix in 2018, please explain why you liked it so much:

Emanuele Congeddu: Lange & Sarah Howells - Out Of The Sky (Andres Sanchez Remix) 
I love Uplifting Vocal Trance music, this is a perfect Remix!!

5) Best New Talent in 2018 (DJ or producer), please explain the reasons why you choose him/her :

Emanuele Congeddu:  Diago. Diago is a dear friend of mine, Italian like me, he come out with very nice tracks recently! Support him!!

6) Best electronic music label for 2018, please justify why you choose this label and what was so special in 2018 about it:

Emanuele Congeddu:  Enhanced Music especially the Digital Society Sublabel where i have release my latest tracks with great success!!

7) Best Twitter/Facebook/Instagram message you may have received about your music or your DJ performance in 2018:

Emanuele Congeddu: All messages about "Orbital 99"!! People have really liked it!!

8) Best music composition software in 2018, please explain why you appreciate it so much:

Emanuele Congeddu: FL Studio all the life!! I have started with FL Studio and i will finish with it!! I love it

9) Best music related website that you visit frequently, please explain what you exactly appreciate in this web site and you may recommended to your fans as well:

Emanuele Congeddu: 1001 Tracklist!! Very Useful for see the DJ support in the tracks released!! I love it

Dimitris: In 2018 there was a big movement for revival of classic tracks and retro events have boomed with music policy of solely classic tracks. What is your opinion about events or stages only with classics and can you choose for us your absolute 3 favourite classics?

Emanuele Congeddu:

Arksun - Arisen. Definition of Trance Music, this is my all time favorite, no words can describe this track, it's from another planet!!

Oceanlab - Clear Blue Water (Ferry Corsten Remix). Another Trance music classic!! Unforgettable!!

Dash Berlin - Never Cry Again (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix). One of the first trance tracks that i have listened, immediate love, this is an absolute classic for me!!

Dimitris: Can you mention briefly your plans for your future releases, tracks, albums, collaborations, DJ gigs for 2019!

Emanuele Congeddu: My Fans have to be happy because I'm preparing a lot of music for the 2019, including the very awaited follow up of my track "Alhena" with my bro from Colombia Steve Dekay, will be huge!! 

I'm currently working also for some solo tracks and new music with Danny Rayel and other names! Can't wait to show you something!! 

The big news for 2019 is that after some Gigs request over all the years of production I have FINALLY decided to test my abilities as DJ, we will see what i can do!!

More info soon!! :)

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