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Best of 2018 Interview with DJ & producer Suncatcher

The young producer from Romania, Bogdan Cupcea (a.k.a. Suncatcher, Suncatcher pres. Sensu), was born in 1986 and started learning the insides of producing in 2003. He always felt an attraction to the trance genre and his romantic side got him into making beautiful melodic-uplifting trance. Bogdan experienced a great rise since his debut single, back in August 2008. He got massive support from great names on the trance scene, like Above&Beyond, Daniel Kandi, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren, Dj Shah, Signalrunners, Manuel Le Saux and many others.

Dimitris: Can you rate 2018 for you as a year with 1 being very bad until 10 that is perfect year!

Suncatcher:  8 very good year. Great gigs and lots of releases!

1) Best 3 Tracks from other artists in 2018, please give us a short comment for each track:

Suncatcher: Maywave - Madura -> has that classic trance feel with a goosebumps melody

Andrew Bayer - Immortal Lover (In My Next Life Mix) -> absolutely love this guy’s attention to detail in his songs.

Aurosonic & Ana Criado - Ask Me Anything -> perfect blend of progressive and best voice in trance imo.

2) Your 3 Best of 2018 personal productions, give us more background info about them:

Suncatcher: Exolight & Suncatcher - Siren Song: Classic feel for this

Suncatcher & Exolight - Water Colour Memories: Exolight made the chord progression here and the way the voice fits on top is just legendary 

Suncatcher & Caitlin Stubbs - Closer Than Close: A year in the making, so I was really proud of this 

3) Best Artist in 2018(DJ & producer) please explain why you pick him/her up:

Suncatcher:  Giuseppe Ottaviani - this guy releases hit after hit!

4) Best Remix in 2018, please explain why you liked it so much:

Suncatcher: John O’Callaghan ft. Josie - Out of Nowhere (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) - this is a classic that I absolutely loved back when it was released, and i’m happy that Giuseppe kept the original feel of the track.

5) Best Remix that you have produced in 2018, please tell us why you believe is your best work(please provide the listening link for our readers)?

Suncatcher: Roger Shah & Susie Ledge - A Different Part of Me

6) Best electronic music album in 2018? Please explain your decision why you think is the best album?(b) Do you believe that albums are still relevant or you prefer singles:

Suncatcher: Driftmoon - Invictus - I just love how it tells a story, and it has narration throughout the entire album. Although it’s a sad story, I felt like I was playing StarCraft while listening to it. :))

Yes, albums are still relevant, but they have to bring something special. Just gathering up a bunch of tracks without a specific purpose, they’re better off as singles

7) Best vocalist/singer featured on electronic music track in 2018, please tell why you appreciate this singer/vocalist and why:

Suncatcher: Ana Criado - she has an angel’s voice. It sounds so warm and perfect!

8) Best Club event or Festival that you have performed there or you would love one day to perform there, please explain the reasons that influenced your choice of the event & festival:

Suncatcher: Tomorrowland - it’s just a magical place, isn’t it?

9) Your Best personal DJ Gig for 2018 (if you are active as DJ) and why you believe is the finest:

Suncatcher: My set at Luminosity Beach Festival - just love the crowd there. Best thing is I can have real conversations with people, when i’m not playing. 

10) Best DJ set from other fellow DJ in 2018 and why you believe his/her set was so fantastic?:

Suncatcher: Exolight @ Luminosity Beach Festival 2018 - just because we have such similar styles, so he plays tracks that I love :D

11) Best radio show/podcast or Vlog(video blog) in 2018, please explain why you think this is the best radio show or vlog?:

Suncatcher: Critical Exposure Radio, because it’s our show! 😁

Dimitris: Do you have a radio show or vlog? Have you produced any YouTube tutorials for fellow artists to learn from you? If yes please tell us here the details and choose the best episode from your radio show/vlog/YouTube tutorial for 2018.

Suncatcher: Critical Exposure Radio on AH.fm. Best episode, not sure, I like them all, since they’re all my babies (yes, even the one that Exolight makes)

Dimitris: Can you mention briefly your plans for your future releases, tracks, albums, collaborations, DJ gigs for 2019!

Suncatcher: Unfortunately I can’t share any details, but I have a couple of big gigs and releases lined up, so keep an eye on my Facebook page for news!

Thanks to Suncatcher for replying in this interview. Thanks to Rory at Enhanced Music for organising this interview.

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