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REVIEW: Stargazers & Cynthia Hall - Scattered Pieces out on Amsterdam Trance records

Dutch duo Stargazers stormed onto the Vocal Trance scene with an incredibly moving track in 'Black Diamond' with Kate Louise Smith. To say we have been excited for the follow-up is an understatement! Well here it is - 'Scattered Pieces' features the stirring vocals of the one and only Cynthia Hall and definitely does not disappoint!

Enjoy and PLAY LOUD!

Listen to or download 'Scattered Pieces' here: https://RazNitzan.lnk.to/ScatteredPieces

Dimitri Kechagias review: The beloved singer Cynthia Hall collaborates with Stargazers for the exceptional uplifting feel good trancer Scattered Pieces. The track is a wonderful example of pure emotional driving energetic trancer with full on banging pounding drums, dynamic pulsating basslines, wide variety of synthy plucks and emotional strings that support beautifully Cynthia to perform the very deep story she sings about and heartbreak all the listeners.  The breakdown is smooth, relaxing and calming with classical orchestral strings until the big main synthy riff is coming in and pushes the adrenaline levels to the maximum and lead us beautifully in the magnificent hands in the air travelling explosive crescendo moment. Scattered Pieces is a real winner without doubts that you will sing a long straight and very easily! #PureGold 10/10 Love It

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