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ADE 2018: Bonobo set to do a MusicTalks session during ADE Sound Lab

Making his speakers debut at ADE MusicTalks, Bonobo a.k.a. Simon Green will discuss his musical journey so far.

Bonobo is now included in the ADE MusicTalks program during ADE Sound Lab this year. After six years filled with prominent figures such as Philip Glass, Martin Garrix, Jeff Mills and Giorgio Moroder, the 2018 edition of MusicTalks welcomes Bonobo for a session at de Brakke Grond.

The Grammy award nominated producer has performed at ADE's festival program before – and will do so again at the Scheepsbouwloods for his own curated night DGTL x Bonobo Presents Outlier – but will contribute to the conference program for the first time. The ADE MusicTalks setup at de Brakke Grond provides an open platform for ADE Pass and ADE Card to enjoy the unique experience of hearing Bonobo talk about his musical journey so far and to ask him their own questions.

Aside from his undeniable studio expertise, Bonobo's story is one of the most optimism-inspiring in modern music today. From the tiny basement clubs of Brighton on the English south coast, where he DJed funk, soul, breakbeats and global rhythms in the mid-90s, he has grown to playing at arenas, doing celebrated Boiler Room sets and selling thousands of records worldwide, all without compromising his vision.

His music remains as deep and emotive as it did when he first emerged in the era of trip hop and chill out with the 'Terrapin' single that helped launch Brighton's Tru Thoughts label in 1999. Last year's Migration release combined video art, live performance, orchestration and electronic production, which he later performed live during the Migration Tour.

Tickets & more info
ADE Sound Lab will run from Thursday, October 18th through Saturday, October 20th at De Brakke Grond, with the program starting at noon. ADE Sound Lab is accessible for ADE Card holders, as well as with the ADE Pass and ADE Conference Pass, available here.

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