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ADE 2018: Pleinvrees ready to embark on three-day family reunion at ADE

Photo Credits: Jochem-Schuiling

The Amsterdam based promotor brings Adana Twins, Andhim b2b Super Flu, Anja Schneider b2b La Fleur, Butch, Joachim Pastor [live], Kiasmos, N'to [live], Oliver Koletzki, Olivier Weiter b2b Nakadia, Worakls [live] and many more to the WesterUnie.

Now the focus is on Westerunie, as Pleinvrees returns for three nights in Amsterdam's west side.

The Amsterdam based promoter is about to gear up for their annual meet-up in the three old industrial halls of the Westerunie. The ADE journey for Pleinvrees started in 2011 with a single night event in the Chicago Social Club and has been evolving ever since, with a three-day family reunion in 2018. They kick things off on Thursday with a welcome-back-party for Hungry Music. Room 2 is hosted by the Olivier Weiter who’ll bring the Weiter-gang for day 1 of the Pleinvrees ADE trilogy. 

On Friday night they plunge into the Berlin nightlife with artists from the German metropolis. Watergate lives and breathes everything Pleinvrees loves about the club and festival culture from the German capital. Combined with the good vibes and international artists at Club Feierei, Pleinvrees expects nothing less than a night filled with quality music.

For the Pleinvrees ADE closing on Saturday they welcome some proper German house royalty. In room 1 it’s Oliver Koletzki and the Stil vor Talent crew, while the Andhim boys and their Superfriends will take care of the second hall. Tickets for all three events are available here, the event is also accessible for ADE Pass holders (limited capacity). 

Pleinvrees ADE x Hungry Music x Weiter
Date: Thursday October 18th, 22 PM - Friday October 19th, 6 AM
Venue: WesterUnie
Line up: Alex Preda / ARTBAT / Henry Saiz b2b Miss Melera / Jeremy Olander / Joachim Pastor [live] / Marc Holstege / Mees Salomé / MOHN / N'to [live] / Olivier Weiter b2b Nakadia / Rafael Cerato / Stereoclip [live] / VNTM [live] / Worakls [live]

Berlin ADE Special: Watergate x Club Feierei
Date: Friday October 19th, 22 PM - Saturday October 20th, 7 AM
Venue: WesterUnie
Line up: Adana Twins / Anja Schneider b2b La Fleur / Braunbeck / GHEIST / Holger Hecler / Jan Blomqvist [live] / Jan Oberlaender / Jimi Jules / Kiasmos [dj] / Max & Moritz / Minco / Pauli Pocket / Ruede Hagelstein [live] / Seth Schwarz [live]  

Pleinvrees ADE x Stil vor Talent x Andhim's Superfriends
Date: Saturday October 20th, 22 PM - Sunday October 21st, 7 AM
Venue: WesterUnie
Line up: Aeden / Andhim b2b Super Flu / Armonica / Bas Dobbelaer / Butch / Denis Horvat b2b Eagels & Butterflies / Giorgia Anguili [live] / Hidden Empire [live] / Kraut [live] / Marc Holstege / Mitch de Klein / Moonwalk / Oliver Koletzki / Sam Shure / Tim Engelhardt [live]  

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