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REVIEW: DT8 Project - Leave It All Behind EP out on Maelstrom Records

The eponymous lead track, ‘Leave It All Behind’ features the flawless vocals of Danielle Rowe, best known for her 2003 Poloroid trance classic ‘So Damn Beautiful’. It’s addictive melody, goose bump inducing chords and empowering lyrics inviting you to embrace the future make this as euphoric dance floor club track you can’t help dancing too.

Late at Night takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. It begins gently with Richard Walter’s emotive and haunting vocals before Darren’s dramatic chords start building the energy and tension until to reaches a melancholy yet deeply uplifting climax. The result is a perfect end-of-night track which will send shivers down your spine.

Finally, Counting the Stars draws on elements of liquid drum & bass has a more chilled and enchanting vibe and with wistful top line provided by upcoming London based singer-songwriter Sasha Brown over an uplifting melody.

London based DT8 Project (aka Darren Tate) is an international producer and classically trained musician versatile in piano, guitar, clarinet and orchestration. Under his DT8 Project moniker has had two Top 40 singles in the form of The Sun is Always Shining (Down on Me) which peaked at No 17 and Winter feat Andrea Britton which got to No 35. A further 4 tracks of his have entered the Top 40 under his alias Jurgen Vries which included the trance classic, The Theme.  

Darren will also playing out tracks from EP for the first time during an Producers set at Luminosity on 29th June 2018

Leave It All Behind will be released available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and online download stores from 29th June. An extended package will also be released on the same day via Beatport.

Started in 2001 Maelstrom Records has released tracks with Cosmic Gate, Bobina, Ferry Corsten, Marco V, Lange, Guru Josh Project, Tiesto, Johan Gielen, Nicholson, Sander Van Doorn, Paul Morrell, Blank & Jones, Pulser and more.

Track List
Itunes/ Streaming Versions
1. Leave It All Behind (Darren Tate Club Mix Edit) 3.47
2. Leave It All Behind (Original Edit)   3.05
3. Late At Night (Edit) 3.05
4. Counting The Stars (Edit) 3.00

Beatport Versions
1. Leave It All Behind (Darren Tate Club Mix)  7.23
2. Leave It All Behind (Original Club Mix)   6.28
3. Leave It All Behind (Original Inst) 6.29
4. Late At Night (12) 6.27
5. Counting The Stars (12)  5.30

Dimitri Kechagias review:
[review top="1"]
 [item value="10"]Beat and Rhythm[/item]
 [item value="10"]Basslines and Groove[/item]
 [item value="10"] Melody [/item]
 [item value="10"] Synths [/item]
 [item value="10"]Vocals and Lyrics[/item]
 [item value="10"]Breakdown[/item]
 [item value="10"]Climax  / Drop / Crescendo / Pay off moment[/item]
 [item value="10"]Intensity, Drive and Energy[/item]
 [item value="10"]Sound-design and Arrangement[/item]
 [item value="10"]Overall Atmosphere[/item]
 [item value="10"]Goosebumps / Shivers moments[/item]
 [item value="10"]Emotional affinity and heartfelt moments[/item]
 [item value="10"]Originality and Inventiveness[/item]
 [item value="10"]Dancefloor Efficiency / Festival Arenas Effectiveness[/item]
 [item value="10"]You can’t get this memorable track out of your head[/item]
 [item value="10"]It has potential to become an anthem or a classic[/item]
 [item value="10"]DT8 Project - Leave It All Behind EP[/item]
 [content title="Summary" label="Overall Score"]DT8 Project aka Darren Tate is back on Maelstrom with his colorful epic trance Leave It All Behind EP. It contains 5 tracks to choose from and 3 of them are excellent versions of Leave It All Behind. Darren Tate club mix is a flowing travelling production with pulsating bass, pumping drums, spanky kicks and superb classic strings with cinematic edge plus huge synths that come to highlight the melodramatic touch on the singers performance that is simply classy and heartfelt to the maximum. Original club mix is even deeper groovier smooth with bubbly basslines and punchy groove while on top the vocal and the psy trance infused synths are added along with breakbeat section in the breakdown. Late At Night is a magical melodic proglifting trancer with memorable synthy hook running on top of the pumping groove while the male vocal and the lyrics are absolutely stunning supported by classy strings and synthy hooks with that classic trance touch. Lastly Counting The Stars is the chill out moment of the package with breaks and old school broken drum n bass grooves while on top piano chords, warm strings, luscious sound design and superb female vocal. This is trance EP as it should be done. #PureGold Love IT  [/content]

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