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Flux BPM InDepth Interview with Evan Kendricks about Forward on High Contrast Recordings

Forward is the only way to go when you are a label that seeks to tame the ever-evolving soundscapes of Electronic Dance Music… With their latest signing, High Contrast Recordings shows their intent in that regard with a fresh new talent given the honor to kick off the label’s 2018. Late last year Evan released “The Homecoming EP”, titled as such to celebrate his homecoming to his favorite genre in Dance music. “Homebase” provided the all-round dancefloor cracking vibes whilst “New Fire” took a more gentle approach before giving the tasty bassline treatment underneath some delightful Classic sounding saws. Now that he has announced his arrival, he is intent on staying. Wasting no time, he now brings us “Forward”!

It starts off with a subtle kick and a slightly filtered monotone tech synth which may remind you of Marcel Woods’ sounds a decade earlier. Half a minute in a firm bassline is unleashed with a synth-horn stab alongside it. That gritty Woods-ish synth returns as the horn stab is reverbed and fades back and forth to add to the tension in the track. This promises to be a dancefloor-oriented experience! The horn synth’s cat-and-mouse play of fading and growing fiercer comes to an end as the breakdown approaches. Said breakdown revolves around a piano melody that gently floats around, seemingly ready to fade away at any given moment, but instead it remains present until 03:24. This is where Forward’s main pluck is revealed, with a nice Classic Trance sounding ring to it. If you enjoyed Radion6 - Eclipse, this is another High Contrast Recordings must-have for you: The melody is filled with melancholia and supercharged by techy saws, offering you a pulsating synthesis of emotion and energy! The gritty synth joins in after the drop for that extra raw hands-in-the-air feeling. With its darker edge, Forward is the ideal winter floor lifter to heat up your crowds and ears alike! 

Forward is out now on High Contrast Recording. 
You can order it exclusive on Beatport here

Dimitri: When did you start your involvement with electronic dance music and which music style you are more affiliated with and why?

Evan Kendricks: I've made quite the journey over the past few years. I remember my passion for electronic dance music starting in the late 90's / early 00's. Here in the Netherlands, trance music was everywhere! I knew back then that "this is what I wanted to do". Throughout the years I started playing hard trance and that eventually got me into hardstyle for quite some time. But the last few years I've discovered that trance music is really the core of all my productions. So after all those years, I've decided to come home to the sound that sparked my love for electronic music in the first place. Trance music.

Dimitri: Did you had the opportunity to attend any kind of music production course or are u completely self taught? Do you consider that is essential for any artist to complete any production course?

Evan Kendricks: I started out with no knowledge of music of production software whatsoever.  The only thing I knew was that I wanted to "create"! And it turned out that I have a good feeling for melodies. Somewhere along the way I've got picked up by a producer called Henry Snijders and he taught me a lot!

So I personally don't think it's essential to follow a music production course. Passion and a feeling for music should take you a long way! That being said doing a production course or getting help from a professional can definitely speed up the process!

Dimitri: In which label was your first ever release and how did you manage to attract the attention of the label?

Evan Kendricks: My first trance release "The Homecoming EP" has been released by High Contrast Records. I've worked with the people of be yourself music in the past and I told them that I really wanted to release a trance tune. I ended up sending them a couple of demo's and they decided to sign me!

Dimitri: Let's focus on your latest release. Please tell us from where did you got the inspiration for the track?

Evan Kendricks: Forward is my second trance release. The inspiration for the track mostly came from the motivation to move forward in trance music. The melody and breakdown have a sense of urgency to it, it almost speaks; ''This needs to happen! You've got to keep moving forward".

Dimitri: How long it took you to produce it and was an easy or difficult process?If you have faced any difficulties please tell us about them and how did you resolved them?

Evan Kendricks: I'm currently in a really good production flow and tracks come out relatively quick. I'm making music that I have a huge passion for and it just feels good!

Dimitri: Which was the biggest challenge that you faced during the production of this superb track?

Evan Kendricks: The biggest challenge always is; knowing when it's done. I'm a massive perfectionist and I could keep "over"-finishing tracks for a long time. I have to draw a line somewhere when to stop producing. I think that is the most difficult part of each song. Finishing it.

Dimitri: When the track finished did the label accepted it as it was produced or did the label recommend you to do some changes or fix certain things?

Evan Kendricks: The label usually has some constructive criticism. However with this new track, they just understood the energy I think! No changes needed there!

Dimitri: Is this track an original composition or is it based on a template from another track produced from you or another producer?

Evan Kendricks: The track sounds completely different from the first EP. I've learned a lot in a short period of time. So every track is a new canvas for me.

Dimitri: Do you have any friends or relatives that you send them the track before sending it to a label or if you are DJ did you test it in your gigs? If yes did you have to do any alterations as a result of the crowd reaction?

Evan Kendricks: I always send out music to people that are close to me, not necessarily producers. They know when the energy is right, and they are not afraid to tell me that I've missed it on some occasions! I also tested this tune at several gigs. Most memorable was the time that I had to do a closing set after legend Ferry Corsten, I played this tune in my set and the people gave me an awesome response!

Dimitri: Do you have any future releases planned and when will be released?

Evan Kendricks: I've got a lot of new stuff coming up in the near future! I can't give you any new dates yet, just that it's coming soon.

Dimitri: Best piece of advice you got in relation to your career so far and best tip you learnt recently to make your tracks better.

Evan Kendricks: Follow your feeling and keep moving forward!

Thanks to Justin Tapitata at High Contrast Recordings for arranging this nice informative interview.

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