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Guest Reviews: Alex Wright's December 2016 Top 5 Trance Encounters

The very talented UK based dj and producer Alex Wright, who has  releases on top labels like Always Alive, Levitated Music, Sundance, Veritas recordings, Blue Soho, and Emergent Shores with support from the biggest trance djs in the world including Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and many more every month selects and reviews his Top 5 tracks of each month ahead of his radio show Trance Encounters that is streamed on 1mix radio every 1st Friday of every month with great success and big following. Exclusively for 1mix radio and Flux BPM Online Alex Wright chooses his top 5 trance encounters for December 2016. Alex Wright has studied extensively music production and he holds BSc degree in Audio & Recording Technology from De Montfort University, Leicester (DMU). Enjoy reading what he has to comment on each release with his knowledge as producer and DJ and of course put in your diary a reminder to not miss his radio show on 1mix radio.

Alex Wright wishes every Flux BPM Online reader Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017

Braulio Stefield - Kuyenray [Levitated Music]

Alex Wright Review: Beginning with some cool FX and nice pads, Brualio Stefield's 'Kuyenray' sets things going with a powerful, thumpy kick drum and metallic arpeggiated bassline. A bouncy, Miroslav Vrlik-esque sub bass adds to the pulse of the groove which is built upon by a melancholic piano ostinato and supplementary plucked parts. The breakdown chords are somewhat reminiscent of Alt+F4 - Alt+F4 but feature nice vocal sounds and a big main saw lead which drives the main section. Not a bad tune from the Chilean producer. Overall Mark: 6/10

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Curtis Young & Bryan Summerville - F..k Up! [Extrema Global Music]

Alex Wright Review: A tune supported by Armin van Buuren on A State Of Trance episode 793, Curtis Young & Bryan Summerville's 'F..k Up!" is tough and means business right from the off. Some tense FX build in to the earth shattering bassline which is backed up by sci-fi stutters and nice whooshes. An intense offbeat rides adds to the drive alongside an industrial, tubular-sounding tech bleep. The vocal chops are executed in style on this record, giving it a classic clubby feel. I really dig the breakdown which has an epic quality to it with a nostalgic sawtooth pluck line and longing piano part. A dancefloor-destroying drop defines the meaning of the word 'heavy' and features some great, cold-sounding FX parts making this an awesome tune to increase the temperature of a set. Overall Mark: 8/10

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First Sight & Fright Nite - Warp Velocity [Always Alive Recordings]

Alex Wright Review: I really like this energetic track from Polish producer First Sight who has teamed up with Fright Nite to make Warp Velocity. Combining uplifting, euphoric melodic cadences with hard, edgy acids and a thumping kick these guys have created something catchy and captivating that makes you want to jump and dance with your hands firmly in the air. The mixdown is beautifully clean and conveys the no-nonsense message of this instrumental gem in fine style. The breakdown vocals and piano enhance every drop of emotion that emanates from it and adds the cherry to the top of what is an extremely satisfying audible cake. Overall Mark: 9/10

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Araya Pres. Forion - Kastra [Emergent Skies]

Alex Wright Review: Over on the more floaty Emergent Skies label, Polish producer Araya who has previously also released music on Daniel Kandi's Always Alive label appears once more under his Forion guise with the well-crafted track 'Kastra'. Despite sounding heavily Daniel Kandi-influenced, the melodic counter melodies are on point and full of wondrous atmosphere which is brought further into light by a gorgeous chord progression pushed along by a nice octave-jumping sub bassline. Highlighted by a well-constructed piano part and atmospheric synths, the breakdown melody sounds familiar immediately but in a good way and strikes a bittersweet chord within. Boasting a satisfying build and drop section, this uplifter has everything you would want if you love that classic Anjunabeats sound that is fragile yet strong, uplifting yet sombre. Great stuff from Forion again.Overall Mark: 7/10

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Mike Sanders & Beatsole - Trigger [Digital Society recordings]

Alex Wright Review: Spanish titan Mike Sanders has been on fire this year and here he is again on Digital Society Recordings once more with Beatsole to create the thumping, club-rocking 'Trigger'. The drums in this track immediately caught my attention with their cool snap and nice techy-styled vocal cuts. Some dark atmospheres soon couple with a heavily rolling bassline which picks up in pace with a break-neck acid part and strong open hi-hat. The energy is pushed to 10 during the intro with no hanging around before hitting a unique, synth-driven break with cool melodic ideas. I admire the straight forward style of composition in Trigger which is a fitting name with its simple yet effective theme. The main lead sound is full and plays its part well, especially in the drop which has a strong, powerful impact with pumping low end and a pleasantly smoothed off top end.Overall Mark: 8/10

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Always Alive Introducing 003 with Alex Wright

Latest Alex Wright releases:

Following on from our first edition of the Coastal Selections series released back in September, Emergent Shores proudly presents the next sampler in the series which includes new tracks from Alex Wright & Jonny Royall, Andrew Lang, Musty, Kamron Schrader, Lumidelic, Skua & Sixteen Days, Jeef B, Steve Carniel, Stan Seba and Solarbeam and Shwin.

Moving with the seasons and developing further, Coastal Selections 002 provides a great snapshot into the current sound of the Shores label with many diverse and imaginative tracks to set your mind free and feel the warmth of the summers sun even during the coldest times of the year.

We hope you enjoy the careful selections available here on our second sampler release, as it is yet another strong indication of the talent and sound we seek here at the Shores imprint.

● Connect with Emergent Shores:
Web: http://www.emergentmusic.ca
Facebook: http://bit.ly/Shores-FB
Twitter: http://bit.ly/Emergent-TW
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Instagram: http://bit.ly/Emergent-IG

The ultra-promising Scottish duo of Breame & Jack Vath have cooked up a serene and beautifully picturesque progressive journey for our next release at Shores in the form of 'Imogen'.

Alex Wright & Valiant take the original melodic structure along a beachier, sandier route with organic congas, woodsticks, and shakers to form a solid groove. The main guitar melody is stripped away and replaced with a classy, sophisticated alternative interpretation to make for a pleasant alternative.

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Jonny Royall & Alex Wright came in with a bang! Octane is a very nice and energetic track. We loved it at first listen. No only it put a huge smile on our faces, but it also made our day better. 

Talking about technicalities is a waste here. Talking about emotions and how this tracks makes us feel, that is a different story. We dreamed of sea. We dreamed of mountain. We dreamed of nature. We dreamed of forest. We dreamed of pure joy. Of pure happiness. And we hope you’ll joins us in this dream too. Trance on!

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