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EVENT NEWS: Kraftwerk are coming with a series of 3- D Concerts in 2017 at all major cities in UK

The electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk bring their red 3-D revolutionary show in UK for a series of fantastic concerts that younger and older followers of electronic music should attend in order to find out why this incredible group from Dusseldorf, Germany are considered to have played a catalytic role in the creation of electronic music culture and particularly their inventive way of using synthesizers and computers in order to compose what we nowadays we term as electronic music. There is a strong interest in academia to study the impact of Kraftwerk and in 2015 their contribution was celebrated with the incredible conference Kraftwerk and the Birth of Electronic Music in Germany at the Aston University in Birmingham organised by  Dr Uwe Schütte, Reader in German at the School of Languages and Social Sciences who is going to publish a German academic book about Kraftwerk and in a forthcoming collection The German Pop Companion he is going to provide a chapter on Kraftwerk. If you are interested to read a little deeper and go behind the surface better have an eye to study these very important books that will certainly have an influence on the  study of electronic music and particularly Kraftwerk.

Kraftwerk were founded in 1970 and the band members are Ralf Hütter, Fritz Hilpert (since 1989) , Henning Schmitz (since 1991), Falk Grieffenhagen (since 2012) according to their about facebook about page. 

Watch here the BBC special Kraftwerk - PopArt

You can find additional information about the various UK gigs at the corresponding facebook event page:

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