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ADE 2016: The School of Life Returns to ADE

lain de Botton’s institution of mindfulness returns to the ADE program with an exploration into transformational festivals, the latest trend in global, music events.

After recent announcements about the De Marktkantine's program and the 2016 MusicTalks, it is time for another Playground announcement, as The School of Life returns to ADE.

The countercultural events that embody and promote community values, social responsibility, and artistic expression amongst all those who attend are becoming ever popular, especially within Europe. Events such as Boom Festival in in Portugal, Fusion in Germany, as well as Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis Gathering, Desert Hearts and Burning Man Global events, are sending out positive and new ideological messages to festival culture worldwide.

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During the discussion, taking place on Friday 21st at 4 PM – at the School of Life on the corner of Herengracht – a panel of leading voices will delve into the history of transformational festivals, and debate their wider meaning and highlighting what we can learn from this trend. Confirmed speakers include iconic Dutch DJ Isis van der Wel -who founded the community orientated Magneet Fesitval with partner Jesse Limmen – and Artur Mendes, a key member behind Boom Festival’s success. The discussion will also touch upon the difference between 'hard' and 'soft' entrepreneurship, initial business values, finding ideals, and how to make a difference at work in general. 

The School of Life presents: Transformational Festivals and Events
Venue: Herengracht 215
Date & time: Oct. 21, 4 -5 PM

Photo credits: Willeke Machiels

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