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FEATURE: Kwettr launches Pay with Snapchat

In addition to Pay with a Tweet, Like and Instafollow, Kwettr introduces Pay with a Snapchat follow.

Kwettr rents out digital pop up stores where people can pay for content using Pay with a Tweet, Like, Instafollow and from now on also a follow on Snapchat. Any company that rents a digital pop up store and has a Snapchat account, can let their customers pay for content by asking them to follow them on Snapchat.

Basic principle is the same as on other social media used in Kwettr pop up stores. Customers are asked to follow a Snapchat account, and leave behind a valid email address. After completing the steps in the pop up store, the customer gets his product of choice via email.

Snapchat is the fastest growing social media amongst teenagers. Digital pop up stores of Kwettr make a strategic move towards a younger audience. The addition of Snapchat as a payment method means even a bigger online reach for companies.

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