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ADE 2016: Richie Hawtin to keynote at ADE Sound Lab

ADE's multi-day program covering everything about sound takes place from October 20th through to the 22nd.

After recent announcements about ADE Green, ADE Next and the ADE SLEEP/OVER we now turn our focus to ADE Sound Lab, our multi-day program covering everything about sound. Next to confirmed names such as Dave Smith, Jameszoo, Octave One and Francesco Tristano, ADE Sound Lab has just confirmed that Richie Hawtin, Daniel Miller, Mark Verbos and Matador will also be taking part in ADE's unique artist/fan forum ADE MusicTalks.

If you're planning on visiting ADE Sound Lab make sure to grab the annual ADE Card, which allows you to access ADE MusicTalks and live performances.

Hawtin will be discussing the philosophy behind and development of his new PLAYdifferently mixer, which is the result of a partnership with British product designer Andy Rigby-Jones, who worked on Allen & Heath's Xone mixer series for well over a decade. Hawtin will demonstrate the MODEL1 PD in a technical masterclass, while in a seperate session Dublin based producer, engineer and DJ Gavin Lynch, better known as Matador, will focus on how to use the MODEL 1 PD as a studio performer and a live performer.

Instrument Design
There will also be a keynote featuring the multi-talented and pioneering musician and instrument designer Mark Verbos, Verbos has worked as an electronic musician, recording engineer/producer and synthesiser tech/designer since the early 1990s. As an electronic musician, he has released countless recordings and performed around the world, with his live performances well known for being entirely improvised using analog gear. His own synthesiser brand, Verbos Electronics, is renowned for its aesthetics and musical interfaces. 

Modular basics
Daniel Miller, founder of Mute Records, musician, producer is a noted collector of vintage electronic instruments, whose collection includes the vocoder used by Kraftwerk on the group’s early tracks. The focus of his session will be a Modular Basics course. He'll bring a small modular set-up and show what he can do with it, plus he’ll be talking about his latest sonic adventures and the role of analog synthesis in his long and varied career. Miller will also be taking questions from the audience.

More speakers, dates, time and venues will be announced shortly.

12 Frequencies projects to look forward to
ADE Sound Lab will also feature the finished projects by the 12 finalists of the latest joint project between the Stimuleringsfonds and ADE. The twelve were chosen following an open call for entries under the title Frequencies, which this year focused on experimentation and innovation in the field of sound, sound synthesis and the visualisation of sound and light. The following twelve projects where selected:
Sonoscope & Audio Graph - Ricky van Broekhoven
Formonium - Arvid Jense
Reflections on Feedback - Naivi
Fields of Frequencies - Lidy Six
Data DUO hackathon / jam - David Statementing
Cinechine - Mariska de Groot
RTD Emissions - Thomas Ankersmit
Synaesthesia - Michele Abolaffio
Recursions - Foundation Fiber
Polaris - Nick Wit
Neo - Lola Gielen
Sensory Showers - Felipe Ignacio

About ADE Sound Lab 
ADE Sound Lab is a multi-day program covering everything about sound, where sound synthesis, audiovisual art and innovative ways to produce sound are shared, demonstrated, discussed and developed. The program includes artist and engineer talks, audiovisual art installations and live performances, DIY workshops, and top of the line gear. 

ADE Sound Lab is organized by ADE, in cooperation with Creative Industries Fund NL, the Dutch fund that offers sound pioneers and innovators an opportunity to demonstrate what they are working on, as well as helping them to develop their talents further in a 'hot house' environment.

ADE Sound Lab takes place on ADE's Thursday, Friday and Saturday (Oct. 20/21/22). Free entrance, except for ADE MusicTalks (accesible for ADE Card / 1- & 5-Day conference ticket holders)

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