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FEATURE: Special Kwettr Offer: DJMag Top 100 Voting Campaign

Want to maximize results on your voting campaign for the annual DJMag Top 100 chart?

Kwettr offers a temporary discount on store rent for your own personal digital pop up store. As a special DJMag Top 100 offer, clients get a 20% discount.  

DJMag Voting, do’s and don’ts

Kwettr strongly believes that asking for fans to vote for you, is not the best way to go. It’s more important to work on a relationship with your fan base. Give, before you start asking.
Give: use your own pop up store to give exclusive content in return for a tweet. Fans get a sample of your products, free of choice.
In return: you become the ‘likeable’ brand. The relationship between you and your fans improves.
What a Kwettr Pop Up Store gives you
In short, this is what a DJMag Voting campaign of Kwettr includes: 
• white-listing of your Twitter account: DM (direct message blockade) is taken off.
• Links to the DJMag Voting ballot are included in product deliveries of Kwettr
• Viral marketing: #paywithatweet: in return for a tweet, fans get content. The reach of those tweets is amplified; all Twitter friends of your fans see your brand
• Kwettr can send direct messages to your followers. Not one at a time, but in bulk. Up to 10.000 per Twitter account on a campaign.
• Twitter advertising: Kwettr offers high quality Twitter Ads campaigns, with numerous targeting options. F.e. targeting the use of hashtags such as #DJMagtop100 or #trance, #EDM
• Besides #paywithatweet, we also offer pay with a Facebook Like and Instagram follow
• We collect email addresses of all people who tweet, Like or follow
The discount we offer:
20% discount on store rent. This means that the price of a Kwettr pop up store starts at Eur. 13 per day. This is including the complete service package such as: personnel for the store, analytical data, plan of improvement of social media and white-listing of your Twitter account.
In short: Kwettr runs a campaign for you. Be the likeable brand.
You can get your own branded digital pop up store in a matter of days.
Please email info[at]kwettr[dot]com for more information or a custom made offer for your brand.