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GUEST REVIEWS: Alex Wright's May 2016 Top 5 Trance Encounters

The very talented UK based dj and producer Alex Wright who has already releases on top labels like Always Alive, Levitate and Elliptical Sun Energies with support from the biggest trance djs in the world including Armin van Buuren, every month selects and reviews his Top 5 tracks of the month ahead of his radio show Trance Encounters that is streamed on 1mix radio every 1st Friday of every month with great success and big following. Exclusively for 1mix radio Alex Wright offers his top 5 trance encounters for May 2016. Enjoy reading and don't miss his radio show.

First Sight & Ben Stone - We Are Pure [Always Alive Recordings]

Combining their efforts for the first time on Always Alive Recordings, First Sight and Ben Stone have put together a very energetic, dancefloor-orientated track which makes use of excellent psy-influenced FX and great dark atmospherics. A warm offbeat sub bass carries the low frequencies of the track and light, fluttery pianos glide along during the break. A fierce detuned saw melody takes
centre stage before building into a devastatingly powerful climax that booms its way in. Another quality cut from Mr. Daniel Kandi's Enhanced sublabel here!

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Gerome - Elementum [Elliptical Sun Energies]

On the softer tip is a new one from Lebanese producer Gerome, who was responsible for creating the amazing track 'Black Bird' with vocalist Cassandra Gray earlier this year on ESE. Coming back with plenty of dreamy atmospherics and interesting exotic vocal chops, 'Elementum' has everything a true melodic trance fan would want. Blissful, serene ambience creates an otherworldly soundscape, whilst smooth pads and wind chimes add the finishing touches to a truly magical composition. His signature piano lines are here, as well as a unique and refreshing main melody which serves as a great alternative to the more detuned supersaw sounds which tend to  largely dominate the scene today. 10/10 from me!

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Platunoff - Embrace (Jackob Rocksonn Remix) [Addictive Sounds]

Polish powerhouse Jackob Rocksonn returns in his characteristically moody style with a remix for Addictive Sounds of Platunoff -Embrace. A thick, throbbing bassline thunders along on top of edgy progressive beats and nicely placed melodic refrains in the intro, before stripping things down and bringing in the full melodic package for your ears to enjoy. Nice techy stabs surface underneath the
sub-aquatic soundscape and industrial effects coldly enhance the sonic image created by this beauty. Get into this one if you like your dark, heads-down productions.

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Sean Matthews & Mike Sanders - Atonement [Silent Shore Records]

Mike Sanders is back on Silent Shore Records collaborating this time with Sean Matthews this time on a thunderous, tech-tinged monster called Atonement. Already supported by Aly & Fila on Future Sound Of Egypt, things are all out with a cheeky breakbeat-led introduction before a thick, chunky kick carries the groove into 4x4 territory. Plenty of glitchy FX and dramatic stabs fill out spaces between the frantic rolling basslines and well-balanced percussion, and a huge screaming lead descends its way downwards like a siren leading into the arpeggiated breakdown. Some nice pads support an anthemic detuned saw which is then complimented by a supplementary pluck part as things build into an energetic, full-on climax. Atonement is a bit on the over-compressed side for me, but apart from being just a little overcooked I think plenty of creativity is evident here which is refreshing to hear outside of the standard uplifting format.

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PARITY - Kamchatka [Digital Society Recordings]

Something more on the progressive tip, Kamchatka sports an excellent mixdown with chunky beats, great rolling bass and amazing atmospherics. The mood created here is truly mystical with excellent vocal chops and a fitting chord progression. Flawless production makes this one a true dancefloor destroyer for the early part of any good night. A huge build-up rewards the breakdown beautifully as all the elements are in full swing, hitting just the right balance between heads down grooves and melodic euphoria.

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                                                          Latest Alex Wright NEWS

Ruslan Device latest track 'Tensegrity' makes his debut on Sundance Recordings with a fresh uplifter, buzzing basslines and warm melodies. UK's rising stars in the trance scene, the unstoppable Alex Wright who offers us his darker and edgier mix complimenting the thumping bassline. An insanely infectious lead that builds throughout the breakdown into a devastating climax.

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In case you missed the show on Friday, here is epsiode 032 of Trance Encounters! New music from myself, Allen & Envy, Area51, Daniel Kandi, Derek Palmer Music, Miroslav Vrlík, Plutian, Sam Laxton, Zack Mia, and others.

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