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ADE 2016: ADE introduces The Continent Sessions

Photo credits: Vincent van den Boogaard
New format sees leading players going head to head.

Alongside the recent announcements of our keynotes, panels and themes, ADE is introducing a new format, called The Continent Sessions, featuring leading players from two different continents exploring the differences and similarities between their respective markets.  

Percept & Universal Music
The inaugural session features Percept’s Shailendra Singh and Universal Music Latin America’s Luis Estrada, in an intimate and in-depth discussion about the differences and similarities in business culture between Latin America and India. The duo will also be looking at their continent’s respective music industries, infrastructure, talent sourcing, the nature and depth of relationships with the audiovisual industries and opportunities for foreign businesses and investors. “The impact of dance music on the new, young India is for real. It’s time to have a united world of dance music, through a fair balance of emotions and economics,” says Shailendra Singh. “Electronic dance music has existed throughout Latin America since the ‘70s. Born in the discos of that era, the culture evolved over the years through street sound-systems and block parties, in underground raves, at exclusive private parties and finally on the main stages of today’s largest music festivals and the trendiest clubs,” says Aftercluv's MD Estrada.  

Key market
Given the region’s rich culture and musical diversity, along with its emerging economic growth and geographical proximity to the United States via Mexico, more than ever Latin America is a key market within the global dance industry. While Europe and North America may once have boasted the largest array of dance music festivals and nightclubs, Latin America has steadily risen to claim its own stake in dance culture’s history. Armed with new sounds and ideas, local artists have realised they have all the necessary elements to compete in the international arena. Regardless of the many challenges, more and more key players see this region as representing massive opportunities for the consumption of recorded music, large-scale events, nightlife, brand partnerships, media, neighbouring rights, and conferences.”

Date, time and venue for The Continent Sessions to be announced.

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